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New Release Preview - LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 12

Join us for a new features walk through with our Chief Product architect, Rich Michaels.

The major enhancements in version 12 include:

  1. Virtual Classroom Facilitator Guide –optimized to work with Script PPT in Zapps Pro The Collection.
  2. Text Elements Scripting Panel – easy access controls for adding time markers to content blocks, “Say, Do, Ask, …” prompts, and the LGP Text Elements
  3. Adjustable column widths for all guidebook types.
  4. Time on task function – calculates current lesson time, cumulative time, module time and total course time.
  5. Slide numbering options – choose how PowerPoint slides are numbered in your guidebooks.
  6. Keyword search feature – easy to use method for inserting keyword search and course ID tags into all documents and slide files produced by LeaderGuide Pro.

This will be a web meeting. If you can't attend this one, we will offer it again on Monday April 18 at 3 p.m.