Header in Word Keeps Disappearing

“I've added a header to my Word document, saved it, and closed it, but every time I reopen it, the header has disappeared. How can I keep it on my document?”

This will happen if you accidentally clear a particular checkbox in your Word Options/Preferences settings.

Your document suddenly looks like this:

No Header.png

When it should look like this:

Yes Header.png

The header and footer data are not lost. Your Word Preferences setting is simply suppressing them from displaying on the screen.

The resolution: Make sure your Preferences are set to “Show white space between pages in Print Layout View”

  • In Mac Word 2016 this preference is located at Word > Preferences > View

Mac Word 2016 Preferences.png
  • In Windows PC Word 2016 this preference is located at File > Options > Display
PC Word Display Preferences.png

Written by Richard V. Michaels, M.Ed.
Chief Product Architect, Great Circle Learning
Microsoft Word MVP