Numbered Lists that Hold & Answers that Hide in LeaderGuide Pro v13


Anyone who uses Word to create documents with numbered lists...

Knows the of agony discovering that your lists have gone sequential on you as your document gets bigger. Word is actually set up to work this way, but it's not usually what we want. So there's a way to manually re-establish the lists starting at 1, but bitter experience teaches us that this is pretty much a fool's errand - the lists still don't hold in a big document.

And when you are creating facilitator guides and participant workbooks that include numbered lists...

You are definitely in that danger zone. Because, in addition to having a lot of numbered lists, you may well have numbered lists that include images, lines (for writing), answers and other types of unique entries that are part of the list, but not necessarily warranting their own number.


That's where LeaderGuide Pro version 13 is a life saver.

This newest release of LeaderGuide Pro contains an alternative style guide that allows you to set up numbered lists that include images, lines, answers, etc. that you can demote through 9 levels. Because of the way this alternative numbered list style is set up, it will hold and not go sequential on you.

Your lists will hold because everything you add to them is part of the list, even if the additions don't show a number.

And, if you do happen to find a list that has gone sequential, there is a button on the LGPro ribbon to fix that, and to make sure your entire document is fine. 

The option to remove or hide answers in a Q&A list

One more feature of LeaderGuide Pro v13 that relates to numbered lists is the option to remove or hide answers in a Q&A list.

In other words, you can now:

  1. Include answers in your Facilitator Guide
  2. Do an extract to a Participant Guide

  3. And then remove or hide the extracted answers to questions that you provided the instructor in their Facilitator Guide, but don’t want the Participants to see in their workbook.

Click to view larger image

When you are using the LeaderGuide Pro alternative numbered list, LGP Number 3, LGP Number 6, and LGP Number 9 are assigned to “Correct Answer” text.

Thus, these are the styles you would hide or remove in the Participant Guide.

However, this function will work with any content in the Facilitator or Participant Guide that is assigned a specific style name.

In other words, it doesn't have to just be the LGP Number styles.

These are just two of the time-saving features in LeaderGuide Pro. Download now to get started.