Attention eBook and Web Page Writers


If you are a Mac user and want to use Microsoft Office version 2016, and in particular Word, for crafting your eBooks and Web Pages to be published, you will find there is a very important feature missing from Word 2016 for the Mac.

The missing feature is: 
Saving your document as a filtered HTML document.

Why does this matter? Filtered HTML documents have all the Tags and Style elements of Word documents removed from the file. This makes them smaller, more compact and less likely to cause issues when inserting them on your web pages. Unfortunately, Microsoft messed up the implementation of this feature on the early versions, including the current retail version, of Office for the Mac 2016.

Now what? If you have a subscription copy of Office for the Mac 2016, you will eventually be seeing this function emerge correctly once again, probably in late spring 2018.

In the meantime, we have a solution
and it is free.


Download our AuthorTec File Doctor Office add-in, because it has a “Convert DOCX to Filtered HTML” option.

Even after you get the corrected “Save As Filtered HTML” feature back into your subscription version of Mac Office, you might want to keep our AuthorTec File Doctor on call, it contains a number of functions that are very useful to writers, editors, and publishers. Check it out!


Written by Richard V. Michaels, M.Ed.
Chief Product Architect, Great Circle Learning
Microsoft Word MVP