How to Effectively Insert, Move & Caption Multiple Photos


Recently a Word user wrote the following on one of the online forums where I volunteer and answer questions.

“I've spent a lot of time unsuccessfully searching how to effectively insert, move and caption multiple photos. Among other issues, after inserting several captions, attempts to enter any more have resulted in the next photo to be deleted entirely.”

I responded…

If the pictures you are trying to caption, and/or move, have wrapping text... this can be very difficult and can result in what appears to be erased images.

The method to use is to put your pictures and captions into single cell tables and then set the table cell to have wrapping text. By doing it this way, your picture and caption stay together, and you can easily drag the cell around.

Here is a clip of how it looks on a page.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 15.29.00.png

Of course, setting this up does require some extra steps if you are doing it manually, but you can do it very easily and efficiently by using our free AuthorTec Insert add-in to Microsoft Word. 

Just set your Word option preferences for inserting and pasting pictures to one of the wrapping text options. In Word for the Mac the setting is on the Edit preference pane and in Word for Windows it’s on the Advanced pane in the Cut, copy and paste group. With that set, when you use the Insert Pictures add-in, your photos are automatically placed and captioned inside individual table cell wrappers.

The AuthorTec Insert dialog is shown below. Check it out. You have nothing lose but headaches resulting from inserting photos with wrapping text and captions.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 13.45.22.png

Written by Richard V. Michaels, M.Ed.
Chief Product Architect, Great Circle Learning
Microsoft Word MVP