No time to write objectives?


A key part of a recent phone interaction with a LeaderGuide Pro user went like this:

Me: "What are your learning objectives for this module?"

Developer: "I don't have time to write objectives. I just need to get this done."

How can you write an effective training program that you can be confident will accomplish its goals if you don't have objectives that are clearly defined and communicated to the instructor and the learner? 

LeaderGuide Pro helps by providing a placeholder for your terminal objective at the start of each module and a placeholder for your enabling objective at the start of each lesson. And your terminal objectives are automatically transferred to your participant guide as you run an extract from your facilitator guide. But, you have to write the objectives!

Take a look at this blog post from the Duke Center for Instructional Technology that nicely sums up the importance of writing learning objectives:

What do you think? Should time be spent on writing learning objectives?