LeaderGuide Pro Version 12 Update. Released 8/4/2016.


A combine patch release labeled version and covering both patch version and was made available today to all LeaderGuide Pro Plus and LeaderGuide Pro Elements version 12 users. The changes in this release include:

Corrected a situation that effected the use of Custom Collections created with previous releases of LeaderGuide Pro Plus. Two control files that the version 12 software requires were missing from collections made in previous versions of LeaderGuide Pro Plus and caused an error message to be generated. A manual copy and pasting of the missing files was required as a workaround. With this patch, the software will now auto generate any missing files.

Corrected a situation where an error message was displayed if the user attempted to create both a Timed Agenda Document and a Workshop Audit Report without first closing and reopening the Agenda Dialog between each request to create a new report. With this patch as many Agenda and Audit Report documents as needed can be created at one time and without having to close and reopen the report dialog each time.

Added a Module Page conversion feature to the Attach, Librarian Insert, and Facilitator Guide to New Facilitator Guide Extract functions. With version 12, a new format for recording Module Time was added to the Module Page and the Module Process block was also reformatted to allow bulleted and numbered data lists that would transfer to the Training at a Glance table. Both of these new version 12 features worked exclusively with new guidebooks and a manual conversion of guidebooks was necessary if the user wanted the new features to work with guidebooks created with previous versions of LeaderGuide Pro. With this patch the software now automatically attempts to convert these prior version Module Pages to the new format and it notifies the guidebook author when additional manual conversion edits are required.