A Better Way to Add Images to Word Docs


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to go searching for an image you know you inserted into a particular page in a document, only to find it’s shifted to another spot. And then there’s the time you waste fussing with size when images come in too big. This is frustrating and eats up precious time, right?

Here’s a better way to add an image into a Word document. Follow this approach to minimize trouble. You will have control over the size and placement of your images and you can rest assured they will stay put!

  1. In your Word document, draw a text box the size you want your image to be
  2. Move it to where you want it on the page
  3. Set its text placement and anchoring attributes
  4. Insert the image into the text box
TIP: If the image you need is embedded in another Word file, use Zapps Pro The Collection to Save embedded images as picture files.

Detailed Instructions

Add your text box

  1. Click the Insert tab along the top of your screen in Word
  2. On the Insert tab ribbon, click on Text Box
  3. Select the option to "Draw Text Box"
  4. Draw a text box the size you want your image to be
  5. Move it to where you want it on the page

Set your Layout options

  1. Click on the Layout Options icon you will see next to your text box (or right click on the text box border)
  2. Set how your image will sit within the text on your page
  3. Set whether the image will stay fixed on that page or move with the text it is associated with

Insert your image into the text box

  1. On the Insert tab ribbon, click on Pictures
  2. Navigate to the image you want and insert it into the Text Box
  3. This automatically sizes the image for you. And it is placed where you need it. And it will stay put or move based on your settings.

Assuming you like this approach, here's onE last tip:

Set up an image container text box with everything but the "Fix position on page" setting. Then, before you use it, add it to your Auto Correct library. That way you can quickly add it to a page any time you need to add an image. The only thing left to do is adjust the the "Fix position on page" setting if you want it fixed to the insertion spot. 

One last thing...

Add Alt Text to your image so that it is accessible by screen readers. Need help with that? Check out our 508 tools.