A Handy Tool You Already Have

The Quick Access Toolbar is available to all of us as we use Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It makes it easy to keep buttons that we use all the time handy. Look up in the top left corner of your screen and you'll see your Quick Access Toolbar. Click the little down arrow at the end of it and select "More Commands". Now you can add the button you use a lot. They will always be there for you, no matter which tab ribbon you have showing. And, I suggest that you select the option to show your Quick Access Toolbar below the ribbon because this way it's closest to what you're working in and that much faster to get at and use. Here's an example.

Once you get used to using this handy toolbar you'll find yourself adding and removing buttons based on what you're working on. To add: Right-click on any ribbon button and select the option to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar. To remove: Right-click on any button on your Quick Access Toolbar and select the option to remove. I hope you will check out this simple way to work faster, work smarter and change for the better.