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AuthorTec Tools for Microsoft Office 

Business software that simplifies the use of Office 365 for professional results. 

AuthorTec Tools for Office is a family of 16 Word add-ins that automate and enhance Microsoft Office to increase productivity.

The Tools run with desktop versions only of Office 365; PC Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; Mac Office 2019 & 2016.



Each tool performs one primary task.

Choose only the Tools you need.


Easy to Use

Automation simplifies use. 

Each tool includes built-in instructions. 

Tutorials are available under our Help tab

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Free! for 30 days

AuthorTec Tools for Office are free for the first 30 days!

After that, please purchase a permanent license for a small one-time fee.


Conveniently grouped by functionality into AuthorTec Sites

Choose an AuthorTec Suite based on the functionality you need. 

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AuthorTec Accessibility 

Quickly make Word files accessible for screen readers.

  • Automatically generate Alt Text for every image and object.

  • Easily find and edit Alt Text to improve it.


AuthorTec AutoCorrect

Backup your Word AutoCorrect and AutoText entries.

  • Restore them after an Office upgrade or a move to a new computer.

  • Export them to share with a colleague.


AuthorTec Extract Objects

Extract multiples from one Word document to another, at once.

  • Multiple objects of the same type.

  • Multiple selected objects and pictures.

  • Multiple sections of marked text


AuthorTec File Doctor

Perform four key functions on multiple files at once.

  • Rename files

  • Convert Word documents to other formats

  • Add and edit password protection for opening and editing Word documents

  • Convert PDF to .docx


AuthorTec Find'n Highlight

Search for a list of words or phrases at once in Word.

  • Run multiple searches in the same document.

  • Highlight found items with different colors.

  • Includes nine default search lists.

  • Build and save custom search lists.


AuthorTec Insert Docs 'n Pics

Insert multiple objects, pictures, and Word files at once into an open Word document.

  • Precisely control image height or width.

  • Border, caption and label as you insert.

  • Control insert type.


AuthorTec Change Picture Links

Fix broken picture links in Word documents easily.

  • Change the links on all or selected pictures at once.

  • Change the type of link on the pictures.

  • Correct the linked folder path to your pictures.

AuthorTec Manage Styles

AuthorTec Manage Styles

Organize the Styles Task Pane in Word.

  • Prioritize the styles display order to see the styles you need first.

  • Set and save styles display preferences for specific documents.

  • Set styles display preferences for new documents.


AuthorTec Customize Quick Styles

Control which styles appear in Quick Styles on Word’s Home tab ribbon.

  • Set preferences for specific documents, to be
    available each time you open those files.

  • Set preferences for new documents.

AuthorTec Redactor Logo ID Mark

AuthorTec Redactor

Securely black out text and remove sensitive data from Word documents.

  • Redact from multiple documents at once.

  • Retain document formatting

  • Create and Save lists of reusable search criteria.


AuthorTec Resize Pictures

Resize multiple images at once in Word.

  • Add or remove borders as you import.

  • Add captions and labels at the same time.


AuthorTec Save As Pictures

Extract images and objects from Word documents and Save them as .png files.

  • All images or objects, by type.

  • Objects within a selected range in the document.

  • Specifically marked objects.


AuthorTec Document Statistics Tool

Gather statistics about 23 aspects of an open Word document with one click.

  • Display all results in one dialog box.


AuthorTec Custom Tables Tool

Add a set of reusable, customizable formatted table styles for use in Word.

  • Easy to customize.

  • Always available for use in new documents.


AuthorTec Update Styles

Apply styles from a master template to update one or more Word documents at once.

  • Store one or more master templates.

  • Select the master style template you wish to use.

  • Choose the files to apply your updated styles.

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AuthorTec Suites

AuthorTec Suites group the Tools by functionality on one convenient ribbon within Word.

  • AuthorTec All Tools Suite

  • AuthorTec Editing Suite

  • AuthorTec Files Suite

  • AuthorTec Pictures Suite

  • AuthorTec Styles Suite


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Use for Free for 30 Days

At the end of the 30-day free usage period, you have the option to buy a one-time fee license key that will activate the AuthorTec Tools you need, to run with the version of the software available at the time of purchase.

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