If you cannot Activate 

The following information applies to

  • LeaderGuide Pro
  • george!
  • all Zapps Pro software.

If you see this message, please click YES

After clicking YES you will see this dialog box:

The first option will be selected.

  • Click NEXT (assuming you do actually have an internet connection)

Then you will see this Web Activation dialog.

  • Click on the URL and leave this dialog box open.

Next you will see this screen

  • Click SUBMIT

Next you will see:

Copy the activation key

  • We suggest that you also click on E-mail Activation Code (just in case)

Then, click NEXT in the still open dial box

Next you will see a dialog box like this:

Use the keyboard command of CTRL+V to paste in the activation key you just copied

Then click Activate

Next you will see this message

Click OK

Word (or PowerPoint) will close.

Re-open Word (or PowerPoint) and your software will be activated.