If you cannot Activate 

The following information applies to all Great Circle Learning software.

1. If you see this message, please click YES

2. After clicking YES you will see this dialog box:

The first option will be selected.

  • Click NEXT (assuming you do actually have an internet connection)

3. Then you will see this Web Activation dialog.

  • Click on the URL and leave this dialog box open.

4. Next you will see this screen

  • Click SUBMIT

5. Next you will see:

6. Copy the activation key

  • Look at the image above - you will see something like that. Copy it. You will use it instead of your license key to complete this manual activation process.

  • We suggest that you also click on E-mail Activation Code (just in case)

7. Then, click NEXT in the still open dial box

8. Next you will see a dialog box like this:

9. Use the keyboard command of CTRL+V to paste in the activation key you just copied. Then click Activate.

10. Next you will see this message. Success!

11. Click OK

Word (or PowerPoint) will close.

Re-open Word (or PowerPoint) and your software will be activated.