Use these videos in conjunction with the Tutorials to
SEE how to use LeaderGuide Pro.  


Getting Started: 

The first thing you need is the LeaderGuide Pro software. It must be installed on the computer(s) it will be used on.

These videos cover:

  1. How to find out which version of Word you have
  2. How to download the correct install file
  3. How to install the software
  4. How to switch between LeaderGuide Pro Plus and LeaderGuide Pro Elements
  5. How to activate the software
  6. How to deactivate the software
  7. How to uninstall the software
  8. How to update your software when a new release is issued


The LGPro Ribbon

The LeaderGuide Pro ribbon is the key to your success. The ribbon is organized into 9 groups, by functionality.

These videos cover:

  1. LGPro Ribbon Overview
  2. Start Group
  3. Module/Lesson Control Group
  4. Text/Table Formatting Group
  5. Controls Group
  6. Content Blocks Group
    1. The AutoCorrect Button
    2. The Extract Button
    3. The Special Button
  7. Insert Group
  8. Customize Group
  9. Product Group
  10. Help Group


Getting Started: 
User Preferences

Set your User Preferences right away after installing LeaderGuide Pro.

These videos cover:

  1. How to access the User Preferences dialog
  2. How to set your preferences
  3. How to change your preferences


Getting Started: 
The Mechanics of Creating LGPro Documents

Learn how to start new guidebooks and new content parts. And how to integrate content pars into a guidebook. And how to extract new guidebooks from existing ones.

These videos cover:

  1. How to Start a new guidebook and choose a custom collection
  2. How to start a new leader guide Without the Training at a Glance
  3. How to Remove a Training at a Glance from an existing leader guide
  4. How to add Slides as you start a new facilitator guide
  5. How to add Images as you start a new leader guide
  6. How to create a Content Part
  7. How to Attach to Existing Content
  8. How to Insert a Content Part or Attached content into a leader guide
  9. How to Attach a new Collection to change the look and feel 
  10. How to Extract a participant guide from a leader guide
  11. How to Sync between a participant guide and a leader guide


How to Work in a LeaderGuide Pro File

Learn how to work with what LGPro sets up for you as a starting point, and how to build it out. Learn to use the built-in automated formatting as you add content. 

  1. How to Work with the starting point document 
  2. How to add Content
  3. How to Add a New Lesson
  4. How to Add a New Module
  5. How to Format Text
  6. How to replace slides
  7. How to extract a Time Agenda Calculator document


Getting Started:
Customizing your Software

It is easy to create a custom collection from one of the 3 included Collections. The next step is to modify your new collection to your look and feel, and to include your default text. This is not something to do when you are in a hurry.

HINT: If time is tight, start by using one the included Collections as is. Then, when you have some time to focus, create and modify your custom Collection. Once your Collection is all set, Attach it to the file you built using one of the included collections, to transform your file and achieve your desired result.

These videos cover:

  1. How to Create a new Collection
  2. How to Modify a New Collection - Overview
  3. How to Modify Block and Ribbon Icons
  4. How to Edit and Customize Block Headlines
  5. How to Modify Block Formatting - To Change Lesson Page Column Widths
  6. How to Select the Guidebook Type, Orientation and Margins you want to Modify
  7. How to Modify Guidebook Parts - Overview
  8. Parts - How to Modify the Cover Page
  9. Parts - How to Modify the Acknowledgements Page
  10. Parts - How to Modify the Getting Started Pages
  11. Parts - How to Modify the Graphic Cues Page
  12. Parts - How to Modify the Program in Perspective Page
  13. Parts - How to Modify the Program Preparation Page
  14. Parts - How to Modify or Eliminate the Training at a Glance Page
  15. Parts - How to Modify the Table of Contents
  16. How to Modify Styles - Overview
  17. Styles - How to Modify Naming Conventions
  18. Styles - How to Modify Guidebook Paragraph Styles (the fonts and their attributes)
  19. Styles - How to Modify the Headers and Footers


How to Move from a prior version to LGPro version 12

LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 12 is the current software. There are a few things to understand about converting older LeaderGuide Pro files to the v12 format. And, there is a particular process to follow to move a v11 custom collection into v12.

NOTE: If you have an older version of LeaderGuide Pro and you have a subscription license, you can upgrade to v12 for free. Watch the "How to update your software when a new release is issued" video in the Getting Started - Software section to see what to do.

These videos cover:

  1. How to Move your LGPro v11 Collections to v12
  2. How to Convert a v11 leader guide to v12
  3. How to Convert a v10 leader guide to v12


Working with the Time Options

LeaderGuide Pro Plus v12 offers very powerful ways to set and total time markers in your leader guide files. And, you can even extract timed agendas and time calculation files to use when running a pilot.

These videos cover:

  1. Working with Time - Overview
  2. Setting Module Times
  3. Setting Lesson Times
  4. Setting Times for Content Blocks
  5. Editing or Removing Times

more to come