User Preferences

A best practice is to set your User Preferences once you have LeaderGuide Pro installed. Even if you are new to LeaderGuide Pro it makes sense to visit the User Preferences dialog so that you can at least enter your own copyright information and set LGPro to load your logo onto your cover pages rather than ours. And, it makes sense to know what your options are and how to access User Preferences to make adjustments as you get comfortable with the software.

TIP: Click in the lower right corner of any video to expand to full screen.

How to access and set your User Preferences

Open Word.

Click on LGPro tab.

Click on Parts.

Click on Logo, Copyright and More.

Set your preferences. Click OK

About the preference options

Set your software to alert you to updates. Start Modules on odd # pages. Set your preferred collection. Customize your Lesson page column headings. And more.

How to change your preferences

Open Word

Click on the LGPro tab

Click on Parts

Click on Logo, Copyright and More

Use the Preferences dialog box to make your changes