How to Move to LGPro version 12

LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 12 is the current software. There are a few things to understand about converting older LeaderGuide Pro files to the v12 format. And, there is a particular process to follow to move a v11 custom collection into v12.

NOTE: If you have an older version of LeaderGuide Pro and you have a subscription license, you can upgrade to v12 for free. Watch the "How to update your software when a new release is issued" video in the Getting Started - Software section to see what to do.

How to Move your LGPro v11 Collections to v12

Create a Collection in v12.
Copy the contents of your v11 Collection folder.
Paste the contents into your v12 folder.

How to Convert a v11 leader guide to v12

What's needs converting is the Module page in your facilitator guides. There are 3 methods for taking care of this quickly and easily.

You can run an Extract.

Or, you can Attach.

Or, if inserting archived v11 modules, the Module page is updated as it is inserted.

How to Convert a v10 leader guide to v12

What Needs Converting?

Headers and Footers

Module Overview pages

The way you reference Module time