Customizing your Software

It is easy to create a custom collection from one of the 3 included Collections. The next step is to modify your new collection to your look and feel, and to include your default text. This is not something to do when you are in a hurry.

HINT: If time is tight, start by using one the included Collections as is. Then, when you have some time to focus, create and modify your custom Collection. Once your Collection is all set, Attach it to the file you built using one of the included collections, to transform your file and achieve your desired result.

The following videos coming soon.

How to Create a new Collection

How to Modify a New Collection - Overview

How to Modify Block and Ribbon Icons

How to Edit and Customize Block Headlines

Not only can you customize your Content Block icons, you can customize the headlines that are include as the block is added to your lesson page. This is accomplished with the AutoCorrect button, which is in the Controls group on the LGPro ribbon.

How to Modify Block Formatting - To Change Lesson Page Column Widths

How to Select the Guidebook Type, Orientation and Margins you want to Modify

How to Modify Guidebook Parts - Overview

Parts - How to Modify the Cover Page

Parts - How to Modify the Acknowledgements Page

Parts - How to Modify the Getting Started Pages

Parts - How to Modify the Graphic Cues Page

Parts - How to Modify the Program in Perspective Page

Parts - How to Modify the Program Preparation Page

Parts - How to Modify or Eliminate the Training at a Glance Page

Parts - How to Modify the Table of Contents

How to Modify Styles - Overview

Styles - How to Modify Naming Conventions

Styles - How to Modify Guidebook Paragraph Styles (the fonts and their attributes)

Styles - How to Modify the Headers and Footers