Making the Most of the 3-day Evaluation


While there are certain limitations imposed during the free evaluation period, you will be able to try all of the key features to determine if LeaderGuide Pro is right for you. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Five fast ways to build a facilitator guide


Try the techniques shown in this video to see for yourself how easy it is to create facilitator guides with LeaderGuide Pro.



Try everything!

Be like a kid in at a carnival. Have fun! Create new facilitator guides and participant guides in each of the page orientations and in both two column and three column. Remember that once you activate the software you will have access to the additional Custom Collections included with the software. And you will be able to build your own!

Use the built-in help

Most of the dialog boxes include written instructions and videos. Click the Help button at the right end of the ribbon to watch all of the videos.

Use the New button

To create a new facilitator guide of each type and configuration. Do the same for a participant guide.

Say Yes

Say “Yes” to the question "Are you ready to add images now?" Have a PowerPoint file open and minimized as you start a new guidebook and after you say "Yes" just follow the prompts to see how the Add Slides function works.


Go with the flow

Everything about the way a new guidebook sets up for you is done for a reason. Take a careful look at each page of the starting point guidebooks LGPro builds. Notice the logical document structure and the built in placeholders for important content. Also notice that the pages are build with table rows that are meant to flow contiguously. 

The Introductory Materials section in a facilitator guide is just that. Its purpose is to provide information about the program to help orient the instructor. The Modules section is where you are to begin adding your instructional content. The New Module page is just that. One page that provides an overview to the first topic of the day. The next page is the start of the first lesson within your first topic.

Build your lesson pages with Content Blocks. Click on a Content Block ribbon icon to add the block to the page, then add your content. Or, use Paste Special to paste content onto the lesson page and then highlight a paragraph of content, click a Content Block button on the LGPro ribbon, and see the block added to your page and your content added to the block. 


Check out all of the Content Blocks

These belong on Lesson pages. Place your cursor above/before the red stuff on the first New Lesson page and click on a content block button on the ribbon to add the block. Repeat.

Notice that your lesson pages will naturally flow over to the next page as the current page is filled up. And the Lesson Name carries over as long as the content block flow has not been interrupted by a paragraph mark. The idea is to add blocks from the ribbon and let them flow. As you add content into a block it may move to the next page because the current page can't hold all the content within it. To control this use the Flow button in the Text/Table Formatting group.

It is OK

If you don't like the cover page, the fonts or the icons, don't worry. Once you buy a license to activate the software you can use the other included collections, which provide a different look and feel. And with LeaderGuide Pro Plus you can customize everything but the column widths on the lesson pages.


Work in manageable chunks

Create a “Part”. When starting a new guidebook click the Content Part option. A part is a Module and it's Lessons. Use the ribbon buttons to add Content Blocks. Use the Special button drop down menu to add slides and images.

You can also create a Part by using the LGPro Attach function. After attaching, add a Module and Lesson and start moving content into the Content blocks.

Be sure to Attach to a copy of a file that has content you want in your guidebook because while trying LeaderGuide Pro for free the files you Attach to or create are for evaluation purposes only and will not be available to you for ongoing use after the free trial ends.


Slice and dice

In LeaderGuide Pro Plus, try all of the Librarian's "In Document" functions:

  • Archive Modules and Lessons
  • Delete Modules and Lessons
  • Reorder Modules and Lessons
  • Insert Archived Modules and Lessons.

Extract and Sync

In LeaderGuide Pro Plus, use the Special button to access the Extract function and create a new guidebook from another. Then, make changes in one file and Sync to update the companion file. Sync is the last option on the drop down menu that is revealed when you click the Special button.

Switch to Elements.

Before your 3-day evaluation period ends, click on the Help button and then click on "Switch to Elements". Follow the prompts. You will have another 3-day evaluation period for Elements, which is a simpler version of LeaderGuide Pro Plus.


Not finding the help you need?