Special: Resize Images

Adjusting Imported Pictures and PowerPoint Images


About Resize

The LeaderGuide Pro Special Resize (all or selective) Images function resizes multiple images that are contained within three specific LGPro block styles. 


The Blocks to use for resize 

Resize works with images contained within any of these LGPro Content Blocks.

The LGP Projection block, which inserts a formatted Content Block with an icon and holds the imported PowerPoint or Keynote image in column 2 or column 3.The icon style name is zLGPIconLCD. 

The LGP Picture block, which inserts a formatted Content Block with an icon and holds the imported picture image in either column 2 or column 3. The icon style name is zLGPIconPictureImage. 

The LGP Picture Wide block, which inserts a two-column table row with a very narrow first cell that contains a red non-printing z and hold the imported picture image in column 2. The red z style name is zLGPIconPicHolder.

Note: The example was created using the Elegant collection. The icons will look different in other collections, but the icon style names will always be the same as long as the blocks are inserted from the LGP ribbon.

The Resize Percentage

Resize is done based on a percentage. The resize percentage is based on 100 percent of the fixed cell width, rather than the original size of the image. LGPro works this way because:


Every individual imported image can potentially have a different original size. That means that multiple images cannot accurately be resized based on a single percent applied against the image sizes because some would be resized more and others less.

When the imported images fill the fixed width cell space, they display in Word at 100 percent of their allowed size relative to the cell space.

Resizing by percentage based on "allowed size" can be performed accurately on multiple images in the document. 


deciding how much to adjust the resize percentage

Keep in mind that:

100 percent represents an image completely filling the "allowed space" of the cell.

The cell will not grow wider to accommodate the image if you try to make it larger than 100 percent.

Likewise the width of the cell will not shrink if the image is resized to a percent less than 100. However, the height of the cell row will be reduced.

To Resize Images


Good to know before you resize

To resize selective images you must first mark them for resizing, one by one.

If you anticipate the need to replace images during the time that you will be building your LGPro document, you may want to hold off on resizing because:

  • When you run the Replace the new images will fill 100% of the available space.
  • This means they will be larger than the other images in your file (the ones you previously resized) so the new images will need to be selectively resized.
  • To eliminate this extra work either hold off on resizing or "resize all", and then when you replace "replace all" and then "resize all" again.

If you need to show others your LGPro document while it is a work in progress and you know they will expect to see the images sized properly, make a copy of your file and resize the the copy you plan to share. 

resize ALL

  1. Click on Special on the LGPro ribbon
  2. Click on Resize (all or selective) Images in the Special drop down menu
  3. This will open the Resize Images dialog box
  4. Refine your choices and click OK


  1. In your open LGPro document go to the first image you would like to resize.
  2. Select only the image. Do not select the LGPro block the image is within. 
  3. Click on Special > Mark Selective Images.
  4. Go to the next image you would like to resize and click on Special > Mark Selective Images.
  5. Once all selective images are marked click on Special > Resize (all or selective) Images
  6. This will open the Resize Images dialog box
  7. Refine your choices and click OK
TIp: This is a great time to use the Special Function Task Pane, because it is always there, instead of having to keep going up to the LGPro ribbon and clicking the Special button to get to the Mark Selective Images option. Access the task pane by clicking the very first option on the Special drown down menu.

Resize Images Dialog box

Adjust: Select the type of images you want to resize: PowerPoint, Pictures or both.

Resize: "All" is selected by default and will adjust all of the images of the type chosen. "Selective" will resize only the images you have marked. 

Border: By default LGPro will add a thin black border around each image. Select "No" to prevent this.


No change has occurred

If no change has occurred for a particular image after running the Resize function, check to make sure the image is in one of the three LGP block types that can be resized.

  1. Place your cursor by the icon or red z in the first cell of the LGPro block the offending image is in.
  2.  Check the style of the icon or red z by looking in the Style box on the LGPro ribbon.
    1. For PowerPoint images the style should be zLGPIconLCD.
    2. For LGP Picture Block images the style should be zLGPIconPictureImage.
    3. For  Picture Container images the style should be zLGPIconPicHolder.
  3. If the style has been accidentally changed:
    1. Click the little arrow next to the style name in the Style box.
    2. Locate the correct style name in the list and click on it to apply it.
    3. Run a selective Resize to correct the offending image. 

Important: If the style is associated with one of the other LGPro icons and the icon is correct for the style, do not change the style. Instead, either move the picture into an LGPro Picture block or manually adjust the picture size.

Borders Added Accidentally

If borders were added when you resized and you want to remove them, run the Resize again, checking "No" for borders and leaving the percentage at 100. 

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