The LGPro Libraries

About and How to Work with Them


Three folders are added to the Documents area of your computer when LeaderGuide Pro is installed:

  • LGPro Library Local
  • LGPro Library Master
  • Great Circle Learning


If you are using LeaderGuide Pro Plus, both Library folders are available and used by LeaderGuide Pro. If you are using LeaderGuide Pro Elements, only the Local library folder is used. 

The Library folders provide you with an organizing system you can use to Save and then easily find your LGPro files. Both folders contain an identical set of sub-folders.

The Local folder is meant for you the individual user, to store your files within your user profile on your computer.

The Master folder is meant to be moved by you to a shared location, so that you can use it to easily share your LGPro files with your colleagues. If you are part of an LGPro user team, only one of you needs to move the Master library and then everyone else can simply set your LGPro software to default to that new master library  location. 

The folders contained within the LGPro Library Local

When LeaderGuide Pro prompts you to Save, it will take you to the appropriate folder and sub-folder within your LGPro Library Local. And it will default to your your LGPro Library Local when you click the Open button on the LGPro ribbon. While you can Save to any place you choose, many users find this system to be a fast, easy way to get to their files.

It is especially convenient once you start using the LGPro Librarian function to Archive and Insert Archived Modules and Lessons into new guidebooks.

The sub-folders contained within the Facilitator Guide folder

Within each folder are a series of sub-folders.

The sub-folders help you keep your LGPro files organized by guidebook type, meaning facilitator or participant, and by column page layout, and by page orientation.

Location of the Libraries

The default location for the LGPro libraries is your "Documents" directory in your "Home" directory. We recommend the local library (LGPro Library Local) stay in your local home directory. The master library (LGPro Library Master) can be relocated to a shared drive location if you are working in a team development environment.


To change a specific directory location do one of the following


Method 1

Manually move the (Local or Master) Library folder and all of its sub-folders and files to a new location. Then use the "Location of the Library" function under the Parts button to “browse” to your relocated Library folder and then click the “set” button to register the new location.


Method 2

Use the "Location of the Library" function under the Parts button to “browse” and navigate to the location that will become the “parent” directory to the Library folder you are relocating. Click the “move” button to relocate the Library folder to the new location and register it with the software.

This method will not work if the library folder you are moving already exists at the destination location.


About the Great Circle Learning Folder

The default location for the Great Circle Learning directory is also in your local "Documents" directory. This folder holds items LeaderGuide Pro needs to perform for you. Do not alter this folder or remove its contents. While this folder can be moved to another location, it must not be moved to a shared drive and shared directory location. Processing problems that result from relocating this directory outside of the registered user’s home directory path, or to a location that is not recognized by Microsoft Office as a "Trusted" location for the registered user’s exclusive and isolated use, are not supported. No assistance, troubleshooting or product support in any form will be provided by Great Circle Learning on installations where this requirement is ignored.


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