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Extracting New Guidebooks from Existing

One of the amazing time-saving features of LeaderGuide Pro Plus is the ability to extract new facilitator guides and participant guides from existing LeaderGuide Pro files. This allows you to do the majority of your work once and leverage it.

Best practice: When you need both a facilitator guide and a participant guide, build the facilitator guide first and Extract the participant guide.

Like the LGPro Librarian functions of Archive and Insert Modules and Lessons, the LGPro Special Extracts... Current Guidebook To Another Type of Guidebook function automates the tedious time-consuming tasks you would otherwise need to do manually to re-purpose existing content.


Extract builds a new LGPro guidebook of the type selected, applies the LGPro Collection selected, replicates the Module and Lesson structure, and transfers in copies of the requested Content Blocks and selected content - updating the icons and styles to those associated with the Collection selected for the new LGPro document.

About Extracts

Extracting is driven by the LGPro styles and the Content Blocks used to build lesson pages. You choose what to extract based on the Content Blocks.

For example, the 3-column Default Collection facilitator guide lesson page shown here contains these blocks: Video, Role Play, Participant Workbook and Slide.

If you wanted the content from this page to transfer into a new guidebook you would select the Video, Role Play, Participant Workbook and Slide blocks as you run the Extract.

The Extract Dialog Box

When you run an Extract you are presented with a dialog box like this.

It includes all of the LGPro Content Blocks it is possible to extract.

Only the Content Blocks that are in use in the LGPro guidebook you are extracting from will be available for selection.

Before you Start the Extract


In the LGPro document you are going to extract from, click the Update All Fields button and Save. If you are extracting from a facilitator guide, also make sure the Training at a Glance is up to date. Simply click the TAG button.


Mark Selective 

If there are certain blocks you want to extract and you will not be extracting all the blocks of that type, use the LGPro Custom Extract Tools mark the selective blocks for extract before proceeding. For instance, when extracting from a facilitator guide to a participant guide you probably will have a lot of Say blocks. There may only be a handful that contain content you want to transfer over to the participant guide. So rather than extracting all of the Say blocks and then having to do a lot of deleting in your participant guide, mark the selective Say blocks you want to include in your extract. Similarly, you can also select an area of content to extract.

To Mark Selective Blocks:

  1. Place your cursor at the start of a block.
  2. Click on Special.
  3. Click on Mark Selective Blocks.
  4. Repeat as needed.

To Mark Areas of Content:

  1. Highlight the area.
  2. Click on Special.
  3. Click on Bracketed Area Extract.
  4. Repeat as needed.
Tip: When items have been marked selectively they can also be extracted as stand-alone Word documents. Learn more in the Extract Cases Tutorial.

To Extract

Step One

Click on Special on the LGPro ribbon to reveal the Special menu

  1. Click on Current Guidebook > > To Another Type of Guidebook

  2. You will be presented with the Start a New Guidebook dialog box. Use it to set up the new LGPro document you are going to extract into. You must Save the new document when prompted.


Step Two

Next you will see the Extract and Create a New Guidebook dialog box

  1. Select the Content Block types you want to include in your Extract.
  2. If you have marked selective blocks for extract be sure to click next to the "Manually Selected" option in the lower right portion of the dialog box.
  3. To maintain the LGPro formatting be sure to leave "Structured" checked in the Format options box.
  4. Once you have checked all of the boxes you need, click Start and take your hand off your mouse.



Step Three

In the Extract dialog box above the LGPro logo you will see the progress of your extract.

  1. In the background you may see your computer screen jump and flash. You may also see along the top of your screen "Word not responding..." this is normal. LeaderGuide Pro is performing multiple tasks very fast.
  2. Do not do anything else on your computer until the extract is complete. Extracting is normally very fast.
  3. Once the extract is complete you will see a message in the Extract dialog box.
  4. In the lower right corner click on DONE.

Step Four

The LGPro document you were extracting from will be up on your screen.

Your new LGPro document will be open and minimized. Look under the Word icon in your tray along the bottom of your screen.

Best Practice: Save and close all unnecessary files and programs before you run the extract. And if it's been a few days since your computer has been completely turned off, we suggest you do so before running the extract because that will clear your computer's temporary memory and free up your computer to devote it's resources to running the extract.

Extract Example

Here is an example of lesson pages in a 2-column Modern participant guide extracted from the 3-column Default facilitator guide sample shown above.

All of the same LGPro ribbon functionality is available for use in your extracted guidebook. Text editing may be required. And of course you can add new blocks to further build out your extracted guidebook. 

Tip: Once you have extracted one guidebook from another, if you make changes to content in one of the documents you can use the LGPro Sync function to automatically update the content in the companion document. Learn more in the Sync Tutorial.

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