Extract Cases, Assessments and Handouts or any Selected Content


The LGPro Extract Assessments, Cases and Handouts function allows you to extract the following items as stand-alone Word documents.

  1. LGPro Assessment Blocks
  2. LGPro Case Study Blocks
  3. LGPro Handout Blocks
  4. Selected LGPro Content Blocks
  5. Selected content from LGPro documents

The image shows examples of the extractable blocks as they look in your LGPro facilitator guide when you first add them, with all of the non-printing characters showing. To see how your content will look once extracted turn you paragraph marks off for a moment, or go to Print Preview, or just run a test Extract - it's that easy.

To Extract into Stand-Alone Word Documents

This function will extract both the instructions block and the content blocks for Assessments, Cases and Handouts. 

With your LGP document open

  1. Click on Special on the LGPro ribbon to reveal the drop down menu
  2. Under Extracts click on Assessments, Cases and Handouts

In the Extract dialog box 

  1. Click to select what you would like to extract
  2. A new document will be created
  3. You will see a message alerting you when the export is complete.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Your new document will be up on your screen.
  6. Save your new document.

If multiple items are checked, they will be extracted into one Word document in the order shown in the dialog box.

To extract into separate Word documents:

  1. Select just one item type.
  2. Run the extract.
  3. Repeat for the next type.

To Extract Manually Selected Blocks and Bracketed Elements

To Mark Selective Blocks

  1. Place your cursor at the start of a block.
  2. Click on Special.
  3. Click on Mark Selective Blocks.
  4. Repeat as needed.
  5. Then run the Extract.

To Mark Areas of Content

  1. Highlight the area.
  2. Click on Special.
  3. Click on Bracketed Area Extract.
  4. Repeat as needed.
  5. Then run the Extract.



If you do not get what you expect when extracting:

  1. Find the offending item in your LGPro document.
  2. Place your cursor in column 1 and check the style.
  3. If you are not sure what the style should be, insert a block of the same type before or after the offending block and look at the column 1 styles there.
  4. If the style is not correct, apply the correct style from the LGP Style box drop down list.
  5. If the style is correct, is there a bold red Z in column 1? If not, type one in.
  6. After correcting the style and adding a red Z, Update All Fields and run the Extract again.

Before & After Examples


Here is an example of an LGPro Assessment as it looks in a facilitator guide with the paragraph marks turned on.



Here is the same Assessment extracted into a stand-alone Word document.

Try it!

Extracting is so quick and easy it makes sense to try it.



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