To Convert Content to LGPro Formats


This function makes it easy to work from existing document to move content into LGPro formats, instead of copying and pasting. And it allows you to instantly change existing LGPro files from one Collection to another.

About Attach 

Attach enables the LeaderGuide Pro functionality without creating a new facilitator guide or participant guide. You can attach to any open Word document, new or existing.

You will be asked to specify the LGPro document type and Collection, and given the option to update existing content in the current document to the Collection being attached. 

After you Attach all of the LGPro ribbon functionality is available to use in the document.

To Attach and Convert

Working with Existing Content

When you attach to an existing document there are several things you can do to make the conversion process faster and easier. 


If your source content is....

In a table format

You will need to move the content out of the source table in order to move it into LGPro Content Blocks.

Before you Attach, use Word's Convert to Text function, separating text with paragraph marks. To do so, select the table to display Word's Layout tab. Select the Convert to Text function from that ribbon.


In a multiple-column format

You will need to move the content into a 1-column format in order to move it into LGPro Content Blocks.

Before you Attach, use Word's Layout tab to access the Columns formatting function. Select the entire document and change it to 1-column. 


Heavily formatted

You will need to clear the formatting to allow the LGPro Styles to apply instead.

Before you Attach, select all and use Word's Clear All Formatting function to change everything to Word's Normal style. The Clear All Formatting function is on Word's Home tab ribbon in the Font group. 


Full of images

You will need to re-insert them as in line images. It will make sense to insert them using one of the LGPro insert picture functions. If you don't have them saved as image files do so before you Attach.

Tip: Use the Save Pics function in Zapps Pro The Collection to save embedded images as reusable image files you can easily add into your LGPro documents.

Recommended Work Process


Make a copy of the file you are going to convert. You may need the original source document for reference; and of course your organization may have other needs for it in it's current format.


Strip out any cover page, Table of Contents, or other extraneous information. Remember that you will ultimately be integrating this converted content into a LeaderGuide Pro facilitator guide or participant guide, which will have a cover page, acknowledgements page, Table of Contents, and Introductory section.


Strip out any section breaks. LeaderGuide Pro documents have 3 main sections, and the Modules and Lessons always start in Section 3. You can also strip out page breaks, although it is easy to remove those as you work through the conversion process. You will remove them because LGPro manages pagination and document flow for you.


Select all and use Word's Clear Formatting button (on the Home ribbon) to change all of the content to plain Normal style. Because you will be applying LGPro styles as you move content in blocks it is faster and easier to strip out the source formatting first. Otherwise you will have to clear formats as you go, which takes longer.


Save your cleaned up file. Then use LGPro Attach to enable the LeaderGuide Pro functionality in the document.


To Save your file

  1. Click on Attach in the Start group on the LGPro ribbon.
  2. In the Attach Specifications dialog box, select the guidebook type, page layout and Collection you want to use.
  3. Click OK. You will be prompted to Save your file. You must Save.

When you are attaching to an existing source file it is wise to save with a NEW name so that you do not overwrite the existing file.

You will be asked several questions about updating the document. It is normally a good idea to say "yes" to those questions, but in this case you can say yes or no. It doesn't matter because there won't be any LGPro styles or block icons in the document.


Once the Attach is completed, use CTRL+A to select the entire document. Then click the LGP Text button in the Text/Table Formatting group on the LGPro Ribbon. This will set all of your content to the LGPro style you will be using the most, so that you don't have to do it bit by bit as move content into blocks.


Place your cursor at the start of the document and click on the Module button on the LGPro ribbon. Enter a Module name, click OK. Enter a Lesson name, click OK. If you don't know the Module and Lesson names leave them as New Module and New Lesson for now. Change the Module name on the Module page and the Lesson name on the first page of the Lesson any time.


If you selected Facilitator Guide as the document type when you Attached, and if you are using LeaderGuide Pro Plus, then you will now have a Module Overview page, followed by a lesson page. Fill in the Module page as the information is available to you. 


To Begin converting content at the start of the Lesson page.

Follow these simple steps:


Highlight the first chunk of content and click on the LGPro Content Block you want to move the content into.


Add a headline to the block at the first black paragraph mark just above your content. The idea is to quickly call attention to what you want the trainer to say or do. Depending on the block you add, it may already have a headline. For instance, the Key Points block comes in with the headline "Make the following key points:"

The rest of the text in the block should already be LGP Text style. You can of course use the LGP Bullet and LGP Number styles to format your block content.


Repeat this process, moving content into the appropriate blocks.


If you will be adding slides and you come to a spot where you know a slide will be use, add a Slide block as a placeholder. Once your content is built out you can use the LGPro Special Replace function to replace the empty space in the slide blocks with images of your slides. Alternatively you can use LGPro Special Add to import your slides at the end of your file and then work around them.


If you need to add picture images use the LGPro Special Add Pictures function. Do not float images.


If you need a table or nested table, use the LGPro Table button in the Text/Table formatting group.


When you come to a point that starts a new Lesson add a new lesson using the Lesson button on the LGPro ribbon.


Remember to Save your work.


To re-open the file and continue working in it, use the Open button on the LGPro ribbon, to ensure that the LGPro functionality will be enabled for you.


Please use the other Tutorials to learn more about using LeaderGuide Pro.


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