Solutions to Common Problems 

Table of Contents Not Updating


If your Table of Contents is not listing all of your Modules and Lessons:

Click the Update All Fields button in the Controls group on the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon.

It is the page with the exclamation point.

If that does not help, this probably means that:

  • Either there is a problem with the module and lesson name styles for the "missing" module and lessons.
  • Or your modules and lessons were inadvertently added after the red text that defines the end of your guidebook. To fix this:
  1. Copy everything that got added after the red text.
  2. Using regular Paste, paste the copied content in just before/above the red text.
  3. Click the Update All Fields button
  4. If Modules are involved and you are working in a leader guide, also click the TAG button to update your Training at a Glance
  5. Once you verify that everything is okay, delete all the content after/below the end of document red text.

Not seeing the red text? Turn your paragraph marks on.

Learn more about the red text and working with Modules and Lessons in the Modules and Lessons tutorial.



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