The written instructions & tutorial videos provided here cover both LeaderGuide Pro Plus & Elements.

These instructions expand upon the help built into your software. 

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How to Access LeaderGuide Pro

LeaderGuide Pro must be installed and activated on the computer where you want to use it. It resides within Word.


Important to Know Before You Start

LeaderGuide Pro is powerful, flexible and feature-rich. Cut back on the learning curve and avoid common user errors by learning a few basic ground rules for working with LeaderGuide Pro



The LGPro Libraries
About & How to Work with Them

Two folders are added to the Documents area of your computer when LeaderGuide Pro is in installed. These folders help you organize and retrieve your LGPro files.



Making the Most of the 3-day Free Trial

While there are limitations imposed during the free evaluation period, you will be able to try all of the key features to determine if LeaderGuide Pro is right for you. These tips should help.



Successful Users Do These Things

There are a few best practices we see and several global customizations you can make easily. LeaderGuide Pro is designed to automatically add your logo and copyright to your LeaderGuide Pro documents. It is easy to set your preferences.



Customizing your LeaderGuide Pro Software

It is easy to build as many custom Collections as you need, set to your specifications. Use your custom Collections to always work with your your preferred cover page, styles, icons, etc.



Getting Organized

Just like any other important endeavor, building a facilitator guide or participant guide requires thinking through what your "ingredients" are and organizing your source content files so they are easy to work with.



Building Your First Leader Guide

Here are the fundamentals. You can follow these same steps to build your first participant guide if that's all you need. 



Document Parts
What they Are & How to Work with Them

Every LeaderGuide Pro facilitator guide and participant guide is built from document parts. They help structure your document and organize your content. 



LGPro Styles
Recognizing & Working with Them

LeaderGuide Pro relies on styles to do its job or you. And styles are handled pretty much automatically, but there are a few things to understand. 



LGPro Modules and Lessons
Adding & Working with Them

Modules and lessons are the heart and soul of any facilitator or participant guide. They provide the structure upon which your entire training program is built.



LGPro Librarian
Archive, Insert, Reorder &
Delete Modules & Lessons

Librarian is a unique LeaderGuide Pro feature that allows you to archive (save) modules and lessons as stand-alone files, insert archived modules into your guidebooks, re-order modules and lessons to create new guidebooks, and delete modules and lessons. It is a game-changer for controlling and managing big chunks of content efficiently.



LGPro Content Blocks
Adding & Working with Them

Content blocks build the lesson pages in your facilitator guides and participant guides. They chunk and present content visually. They help you the developer establish and maintain a logical flow. And they help the instructor the same way musical notes help a musician.



LGPro Text/Table Formatting Tools

Because styles are so important to the way LeaderGuide Pro works it makes sense to learn how to use the LGPro Text and Table formatting tools. 



LGPro Document Level Controls

Updating the Table of Contents, generating the Training at a Glance, navigating to specific locations in your files, importing and updating slides and images, exporting content, extracting new guidebooks from existing ones... All of these tasks are automated when using LeaderGuide Pro.



The Special Button
Unique automated functionality

LeaderGuide Pro Plus makes fast work of all the tedious but necessary tasks you otherwise need to do manually as you build facilitator and participant guides. Import, re-size, and replace PowerPoint, Keynote, and pictures. Extract participant guides from facilitator guides. Sync content between documents.



Working with PowerPoint

LeaderGuide Pro transforms how you work with PowerPoint. Import slides, slide notes, even the text on the slides. Create PowerPoint sides from within your leader guide. Replace imported slides after changes are made to your PowerPoint file.



Working with Pictures (image files)  

LeaderGuide Pro works with pictures in way that is similar to slides, making it easy to bring in multiple images and replace images when they change.



Resize Imported PowerPoint & other Images

The LeaderGuide Pro Special Resize (all or selective) Images function resizes multiple images, both PowerPoint and picture images, that are contained in LGPro blocks. The resize percentage is based on 100 percent of the fixed cell width.



Extract to Create a New Guidebook from Existing

One of the amazing time-saving features of LeaderGuide Pro Plus is the ability to extract new guidebooks from existing LGPro files. 



Extract Assessments, Cases, Handouts or any Selected Content

It's easy to extract content from a LeaderGuide Pro file into a new Word document.



Show/Hide Icons & Content Blocks

The Special Show/Hide function works like a toggle switch and uses Word's Hidden Characters functionality to perform two important tasks for you.




Sync performs two important tasks for you. It updates content from one document to another. And the Sync function adds participant guide page number references into a companion facilitator guide.


Attach to Build Stand-alone Modules & Lessons

Attach sets up LeaderGuide Pro Modules and Lessons outside of the full LGPro guidebook document structure for those times when you need to focus on just one topic. And it allows you to work in smaller files. Once built, Modules and Lessons are easily integrated into full LGPro facilitator guides and participant guides using LGPro Librarian. This approach to building content is great for development projects with multiple contributors.



Attach to Convert Existing Content

Attach allows two types of conversions. Attach will change the LGPro Collection in use to transform an existing LGPro document. Attach also enables the LGPro ribbon buttons for use in an existing source document so that you can move the content into LGPro Modules and Lessons and Content Blocks.



Create Records in Excel with the Librarian Registry

This function feeds information about your facilitator and participant guides, and your archived modules and lessons, into an automated Excel workbook. From Excel you can export the data to other databases you may already be using. 



Time Tracking

The new time tracking function allows you to add time per Lesson and even time per Content Block. The times you add are rolled up by clicking the TAG button.


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