How to Customize
the Learner Achievement Activities


Customize functions are built in to the Learning Design Tool software. To access the customize functions click Customize on the LDT ribbon.

You will be presented with a drop down menu of options.

  1. Select  Learner Achievement Activities from the menu
  2. This will bring up the Customize  Learner Achievement form.

This is the Learner Achievement Customize form


How to Use this Form

  1. Select a domain's learning level
  2. View the pre-loaded list
  3. Update, add, remove and sequence them in the order you want them to appear. 

We recommend that you follow this process:

  1. Write your descriptions in Word, for proofing and grammar checking.
  2. Then copy and paste into Notepad.

  3. Then, copy and paste your “cleansed” text from Notepad into the description text boxes for the Activity Description and Feedback Description.

The text boxes in the form:

  • Cannot handle Word document text directly

  • The Carriage Returns are a particular problem

  • Only line feeds, which are a Shift + Enter keystroke, are acceptable.

Write mindfully.

It is important to have well written descriptions about the activity and how feedback is handled.

Because what you add to this form:

  1. Is stored permanently.
  2. Auto populates into the Learner Achievement Activity section of your design document when selected from the pull down menu.

About Learner Achievement Activities


Learner Achievement Activities are those exercises, tests, activities and various other spheres of action that we can use to prove a learner has accomplished the goal set out for them as defined by our design's learning objectives. 


Achievement activities can be run at the end of an instructional unit, such as the end of terminal objective module of instruction, or as a last activity in a lesson that is teaching to an enabling objective, or as a combined "master" assignment at the end of the instructional event, or even at some period of time after the learning event has taken place.


Achievement activities are not just simple ad hoc knowledge checks or participative exercises and assessments. They are well crafted learner centered activities that clearly demonstrate to the organization and the individual learner, the level of personal accomplishment that has been achieved.


The Principles of Adult Learning provides the framework for the building of these achievement exercises and activities. And that framework should be evident in how the activity is administered and how the feedback from it is processed, delivered and internalized by the learner.

Key verbs that describe a properly constructed Learner Achievement Activity include:

  • Focused
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Problem-Centered
  • Participative


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