How to Access the Learning Design Tool


As the Learning Design Tool is installed:

  • it is added to your Start menu under L for Learning Design Tool.  

  • and, it should be added to your personal Templates in Word.


The Learning Design tab and ribbon only appear along the top of your screen in Word while you are using the tool.

When you close your Learning Design document your Learning Design tab and ribbon will disappear. To bring the ribbon up, use one of the access methods listed below.


3 Ways to Access the Learning Design Tool


Use your Start Menu. Look under L for Learning Design Tool.


Open an existing Learning Design Document that was created using the Learning Design Tool.


In Word, click File > New

  • Select the Learning Design Tool from your Word templates

  • If you do not see the Learning Design Tool in your FEATURED templates, select PERSONAL

  • If you don't see the Learning Design Tool in your template options in Word, follow the steps below


How to Add the Learning Design Tool to your Word Templates

  1. Go to your C drive

  2. Navigate to User > Your Name > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Templates

  3. Copy the file path address as text

  4. Open Word

  5. Click on File > Options > Save

  6. Locate "Default personal templates location" (see #1 in image below)

  7. Paste in your file path

  8. Click OK in bottom of the dialog (see #2 in image below)

  9. Now, when you click File > New in Word you will see the Learning Design Tool as an option - select it to bring up the LDT tab and ribbon


If you don't see your App Data folder

  1. Click View

  2. Check the box next to Hidden Items in the Show/Hide group


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