This Word add-in provides a Design Document Template, automates the construction of supportable learning objectives, and produces a course outline that serves as the blueprint for a facilitator guide or eLearning session.


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How to Access and Use the Learning Design Tool

Once installed, this tool is always available from your Start menu and within Word. Instructions are built into the software and our Getting Started Instructions will help you do just that. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance. We are happy to help.



Automate Instructional Design

Design Documents set up with a consistent document structure.

Learning Objectives are constructed from action verbs and learning objective criterion that you require and allow.

Design Teams are prompted to sketch out learner achievement activities, content structure activities based on learning types; working within the parameters you set as you customize your Learning Design Tool.

Course Outlines map to your learning objectives, laying out your course structure as the starting point for further development.



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The Learning Design Tool is a Microsoft Office Word add-in.

It runs with:

  • PC Office 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010

  • Office 365 with a PC desktop version of Office.

Please review our System Requirements for additional technical information.


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