Full system admin privilege is required


Great Circle Learning software adds in to Microsoft Office, so installing our software requires a little more attention than what you may be used to, but it is not hard. Please follow the steps below. 


Before you run the install

  1. Make sure your computer meets our System Requirements.

  2. If you have system updates pending, please run them.

  3. Close Word and PowerPoint.

If your computer hasn't been turned off recently, please do so (and then turn it back on) before installing our software.


Operating System

Install the edition of our software that matches the bit version of your Operating System. How to check:

  1. Open File Explorer

  2. Select your C drive

  3. You have 64-bit Windows if you see a folder named Program Files and a folder named Program Files (x86)

  4. You have 32-bit Windows if you see only one folder named Program Files.


To run the install

After completing the download, look in your Downloads folder for the software install file and click on it to run the install.

After clicking “Finish” on the install

  1. Open the Word or PowerPoint, depending on which software you have installed.

  2. You will see a message about getting started, and then you will see a series of prompts to help you register and activate your software.

  3. It is important to read these messages and allow the requested actions to complete.

  4. Then, look along the top of your screen for a tab for your newly installed software.

  5. Click on tab to bring up the software ribbon.

To update or reinstall your software

  1. Close Word and PowerPoint.

  2. Use your computer's Control Panel to Uninstall the old software.

  3. After installing an updated version of Great Circle Learning software you will see a message upon opening the host application. It is important to read the message and allow the software to finish setting up for you in Office.

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