How to Activate


A License Key is required

If you are trying the software for free, follow the prompts top receive a trial license key via email.

For on-going use, please use our STORE to purchase a license.

Your license key will be provided on your invoice. 

One license key will activate the number of license seats purchased.



Also required

An internet connection that allows unrestricted access to Port 443 and access to the following secure URLs:



After Install

Open Word for:

  • AuthorTec

  • Elements Pro

  • LeaderGuide Pro

  • Learning Design Tool

  • Scripter

Open PowerPoint for:

  • george!

Click the software tab to bring up the ribbon and...

  1. Click on the Act’n DeAct button

  2. Select Activate your license

  3. Follow the prompts



Deactivation — Why & How To

Deactivation releases a license seat for re-use or re-assignment.

  1. Follow the same steps as for Activation, except select Deactivate your license.

  2. The internet requirement is essential to successful deactivation. 

Deactivation must be completed:

  • on the user's computer

  • by the user, or by someone logged on as the user

If you cannot deactivate due to circumstances beyond your control:

  • Please contact us to handle the deactivation for you.