How to use george!



The george! Add Markers button on the george! ribbon to set up the Table of Contents that will be in your george! document. 

To Add Table of Contents Markers

  1. Click on the Add Markers button to bring up the TOC Outline task pane.
  2. Assuming you see <Topic Name> New Topic in the white window in the task pane, click on <Topic Name> New Topic and in the empty white box on the right type in the name of your first topic.
  3. Click on the letters illustration next to "Replace name.."
  4. Repeat with <Subtopic Name> New Subtopic.
  5. Click on the next slide that indicates the start of a new subtopic or topic and repeat.
  6. When a New  Topic is added, a New Subtopic is also added.

Take a look...

This video shows you how to add TOC markers. It will help you see what the written instructions are directing you to do.


About the TOC Outline Markers Task Panel

This function provides a visual way to add Table of Contents Level 1 (Topic) and Level 2 (Subtopic) markers to your PowerPoint file prior to creating your Word document.

Level 1 (Topic) and Level 2 (Subtopic) markers are shown in the white box on the left of the task pane.

They are inserted into the ordered list of slides in the slide deck.

The very first time the slide deck is viewed with this tool, the software places suggested topic and subtopic break points that are based on Section breaks and Title slides existing in the slide deck. After you adjust the markers and click save, from that point on the markers listed will be as you last set them on this specific slide deck.


General navigation

Clicking on a slide in the list moves the PowerPoint slide view to that specific slide. This feature is handy for visually deciding where to insert level 1 and level 2 TOC entries. If an error message of “Invalid Selection” is received, it means that you did not make a selection from the list before clicking one of the control buttons.



To add a new Level 1 or 2 marker

Click the slide in the list where the new topic (Level 1) or subtopic (Level 2) marker will begin. In the text box provided, enter the name of the marker as it will appear in the document. Click the “Plus” icon next marker type this is to be. The new marker is inserted above the currently selected slide in the list.

To remove a marker

From the list select the marker to remove. Click the “Minus“ icon next to the type of marker you are removing.


To rename an existing marker

From the list select the marker to rename. The markers current name appears in the entry box. Edit the name as required and then click the “Replace” icon.


To change the position of a marker in the list

From the list select the marker to move. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow controls to adjust the marker’s position in the list. You can only move Topic and Subtopic markers. This function does not reorder the slides.


Do Not Extract specific slides

With a slide in the list selected, you can click the “Do Not Extract” icon, which places a special tag on the slide that the software will read. When tagged to not extract the slide stays as part of the slide deck and position in the list but the software will not place a copy of it into the printed document. The control is a toggle and it alternates the “Do Not Extract” tag on and off the selected slide.


Erase All TOC Markers

This feature eliminates all Topic and Subtopic markers from the list. If the TOC marker list is saved in this way, the extracted document’s Table of Contents will only contain one item, which is the starting page of the first slide.


Save Changes

You must click the Save Changes icon to apply the TOC outline markers to the slide deck. If you click the “X” button on the form before saving, you will be prompted for a confirmation of your intent to disregard any TOC markers you added.



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