How to use george!



Use this to activate and deactivate your george! software. 

Clicking the Act'n DeAct button brings up
a menu that includes:

About george!  

displays the version number


Activate this software

 brings up the Activation dialog box you use to paste in your purchased product activation serial number


Deactivate this software

brings up the Deactivation dialog box you use to deactivate and release your product activation serial number


Purchase an Activation Key

takes you to the Great Circle Learning online sttore to purchase a license key to activate the software


Check for Updates

checks for product updates

HELP v7.0

Help button on  george  !  ribbon

Click this button to:

  1. Link to the george! Style Guide to customize the styles that will be used in your george! documents.
  2. Link to the george! product support page on the Great Circle Learning web site


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