How to use george!



george! provides a Style Guide you can use to customize the styles that will be used in your george! documents.

  1. To access the Style Guide click on the Help Button at the end of the ribbon
  2. Select Customizing Styles from the drop down menu.


The Style Guide contains paragraph styles that are used by george! in creating documents.

  • The styles are listed in the first column of the table in the style guide, by style name. They shown in their default formatting.
  • Column 2 contains helpful information and hints about the styles you are modifying.

You must use Word's Modify Styles dialog to make any change to the george! styles. You cannot simply Direct Format the styles listed in this style guide. 

To access the Modify Styles dialog, click “Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S” on your keyboard to open the Styles task pane.

In the Modify Styles dialog you only need to modify and apply "in this document". You do not need to update the attached template or add them to your Quick Styles.

 When the Create Document function of george! runs, your modified style settings are applied from this style guide to the new document you are creating.