Fundamentals: How to Work in a LeaderGuide Pro File

There are fundamentals that apply to working in any LGPro file. These videos will show you what you need to know.

  1. How to Work with the starting point document 
  2. How to add Content
  3. How to Add a New Lesson
  4. How to Add a New Module
  5. How to Format Text
  6. How to replace slides

How to Extract a Time Agenda Calculator and a Draft Agenda 

This new function runs from within a LeaderGuide Pro Plus facilitator guide that includes a Training at a Glance. This function calculates the time entries you have associated with modules and lessons and creates an audit document you can use when piloting your program, to track actual time against the time currently in your facilitator guide. And, you can also generate a draft agenda page.

More to come!