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Automatically create backup copies of Word files that are easy to access.

AuthorTec Got-Ur-Back runs locally on your computer to automatically save up to 5 levels of backups of your Word files.

Each time you click Save ...

  • A copy of your file as it was just before you clicked Save is created.

  • The backup file is stored in the same location you are already saving to, for easy access.

Use Got-Ur-Back for free for 30 days.


Please purchase a one-time fee license to continue to use
Got-Ur-Back after the free 30 days.


How to Access & Use

  1. Got-Ur-Back will activate in Word with the Save Level set to save 3 prior copies.

  2. Use on the Set Backup Levels function on the Got-Ur-Back button to increase the Save Level up to 5 prior copies.

  3. Learn how to use Got-Ur-Back with our Tutorial and by using the instructions that are built into the software.


How is Got-Ur-Back better or different than what my company already does?

Your Got-Ur-Back file backups are Instantly Accessible.

No matter how sideways your day might go, Got-Ur-Back is running silently in the background, ready to provide help if you need it.

AuthorTec Got-Ur-Back logo

AuthorTec Got-Ur-Back is a Microsoft Office add-in.

It runs with:

  • PC Office 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010

  • Office 365 PC desktop version only.

Please review our System Requirements for additional technical information.

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