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Elements Pro creates facilitator and participant guides for short eLearning and instructor-led training programs.

Elements Pro provides smart templates that work with you instead of creating work for you.

Distinguish Yourself


Shift from the common practice to a
best practice with Elements Pro. 

Use your slides and notes to produce branded, professionally formatted participant guides quickly and easily.

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Build Facilitator Guides too

Elements documents can be used as either participant guides or facilitator guides.

Every new Elements document includes:

  • Cover page

  • Acknowledgements page

  • Table of Contents

  • Module and Lesson page.

Add your brand. Customize the cover page, headers and footers, and styles.



Elements Pro is the tool of choice for...


Short instructor-led sessions less than 1 day in length.

The simple document structure Elements Pro sets up aligns with the straightforward flow of a short course.


Classes that require only a participant guide.

Whether you are working from PowerPoint, existing Word documents or writing from scratch Elements Pro makes it easy to create consistent, formatted branded participants guides fast. Simple facilitator guides can also be created.


Non-training industry professionals charged with sharing expertise with others. 

Elements Pro handles the document set up and formatting. You are free to concentrate on adding content. The visual nature of Elements Pro will help you cognitively by revealing gaps and inconsistencies in your training flow.

Intuitive & Easy to Use 

Click on image to view larger.

Elements automates common work tasks


Branded document

Start new participant guides and facilitator guides with your branded document shell




Import PowerPoint slides and notes into formatted Module and Lesson pages


Automatically build

Import PowerPoint slides and notes into formatted Module and Lesson pages. And automatically update the Table of Contents to list your Modules and Lessons (your course outline).


Update imported slide images

Update imported slide images when changes are made in PowerPoint


Update slide notes in PowerPoint

After improving them in your Elements documents, update slide notes in your PowerPoint files


Add new Modules & Lessons

Add new Modules and Lessons that are formatted and ready to accept content


Add icons

Add icons to visually cue trainers and participants


Add capture space

Add capture space for note-taking


Quickly reformat

Quickly reformat existing content with Elements smart templates


Add time designations

Add time designations to activities and automatically generate total lesson times


Automatically add alt text

Automatically add alt text to images and tables for screen reader accessibility and 508 compliance.

Work faster. Work smarter. 
Change for the better with Elements


A license is required to use Elements
for business purposes. 

Take a look in our store to see our current purchase options. User support is included with your license. Learn about our license options.


Smart Buyer Tip

The 12-Month 12-Payment Subscription is a low-risk way to get started, because it can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Elements organizes your content visually


After you start a new Elements document you have:

  1. A placeholder page for your first Module and Lesson

  2. An option to start by importing PowerPoint slides and notes, or images

  3. No slides? Simply add content using the Content Blocks.

Example. Click on image to view larger.


If you select the option to import PowerPoint...

  1. Your slides and notes are placed into icon-driven table rows, which we call "content blocks"

  2. These are distributed for you across lesson pages.

Take a look at the example above, of a 2-page spread from a participant guide, to get an idea of the the page layout. The example above shows a 2-column page layout. Elements also provides a 3-column page layout.

Image Controls. Click for larger view

Slides and notes and images are easy to import

Use the Elements image controls to work with multiple slides and images at once to

  • Import

  • Resize

  • Update

  • And even send text into PowerPoint from your Elements document to create slides - which you can then import to replace your text with your slide images.

Formats are applied automatically

This happens as content is added, based on the built-in style guides.

Content Block buttons. Click for larger view.

Add Icons as Visual Cues

Chunk Lesson content into icon-driven content blocks by using the Content Block buttons on the Elements ribbon.

Content hierarchy

1. Modules - these are your design outline topic names

2. Lessons -  these are your subtopic names

3. Content Blocks - these visually chunk your lesson content to make it easy to follow

How Elements Helps


Consistent Branded Documents

Elements sets up a consistently structured and professionally formatted document shell for use as either a facilitator guide or a participant guide. 

Choose from two included Collections

The Collections contain your smart templates, icons and style guides to set and control the look and feel of your documents. 

You can create custom Collections from the included Collections to create your own unique:

  • Cover page

  • Acknowledgements page

  • Header and footer

  • Style guide.


Screen reader friendly

Elements automatically adds Alt Text for tables, slides and images so that your files are screen reader friendly and 508 compliant.

And as you make changes, Elements updates the accessibility tags.


Smart Developer Tip

And as you make changes, Elements updates the accessibility tags.


Automate PowerPoint
with Elements

Import from PowerPoint and export to PowerPoint.



This is a fast way to begin building your guidebook when the PowerPoint file already exists. Use your PowerPoint file as the basis for building a participant or facilitator guide by importing:

  • Slides

  • Notes

  • And even the text on the slides




This is a great way to speed up development if you don't have slides yet, but need them.

  1. Start a new participant guide and script your slides as you build your guide.

  2. Then use Elements to export your slide text to PowerPoint.

  3. Then use Elements to import your finished slides into your guidebook to replace the slide script with your slide images.

  4. You can also export slide notes to PowerPoint to update existing notes in the PowerPoint file.


Jump start your build-out

As you import slides, Elements makes it easy to mark the slides that signal the start of a new module or a new lesson.

Then Elements distributes your slides accordingly into your new guidebook, and builds your Table of Contents for you.



Elements provides icons that are easy to insert
- just click a button.

  • The icons will stay with the content you associate them with, even as you edit and add more content to the pages.

  • Icon chunking helps convey your message and intent, enhancing comprehension.

  • Icon chunking also helps you notice gaps and inconsistencies as you build your lessons.


Two sets of Icons are included

 Elements provides you with two Collections.

  • Each Collection includes 29 unique icons

  • Choose the Collection you want to use as you start a new Elements document

  • Change the Collection in use in an existing Elements document with the Elements Attach function



Formatting Applies Automatically

Elements formats content as you add it. Styles apply as you type or paste in content.

  • Intuitive Elements formatting buttons make it easy to adjust formatting as needed.

  • Styles are based on the Elements Collection you select as you start your new document.

  • Collection Styles can be customized. Customize once and Elements applies your styles as you use your custom Collections.


Easily Change Icons & Styles

Elements includes an easy to use function called "Attach"

  • Attach allows you to change the Collection in use to update the icons, styles and headers and footers in an existing facilitator guide or participant guide.

  • Attach also makes it easy to convert existing content into Elements format.

Navigation Simplified

Elements gives you multiple ways to navigate quickly and easily through your files.

  • From the Table of Contents navigate to any page listed.

  • In the document, go from one module or lesson to the next, or to the next instance of any content block.


Shortcut your commonly used phrases

Type in a shortcut and keep going. The shortcut automatically expands to populate your page with the full text associated with the shortcut and speeds up your writing. 

Elements includes

  • shortcuts commonly used instructional terms

  • the ability to easily add your own unique shortcuts

Compatible with LeaderGuide Pro


Elements files can worked in with LeaderGuide Pro. 

If you are using Elements and find that you need more functionality, it will be easy to make the switch to LeaderGuide Pro.


However, once you convert an Elements document to LeaderGuide Pro you will not be able to work in the document with Elements anymore. 


Try both Elements & LeaderGuide Pro

When you download and install Elements the software you will see first when you open Word is LeaderGuide Pro. Switch to Elements with the Help button. 

  • Both products install so that you can try them both.

  • They each offer a 3-day free evaluation period.

  • Learn about the free trial.



Elements will run with Microsoft Office on a PC in English, French and Spanish. 



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