Editing by non-LGPro Users

Your LeaderGuide Pro files are Word documents, which means that your colleagues can edit them. 

Here's some guidance on how to let that happen and ensure that your LGPro functionality does not inadvertently get messed up.

How you proceed depends on what type of editing is needed.

If it’s just text editing:

  1. Keep a master file for yourself and let people edit a copy.
  2. That way, if you find anything funky going on with the edited file once it comes back to you, you can use Word’s Review (Track Changes) “Compare” feature to find the edits and transfer them to your working master file.

If people want to re-name modules and lessons, or move modules and lessons around:

  1. Ask them to Word’s Review (Track Changes) feature to leave their comments for you.
  2. Then you can make the changes. 

If people want to add content into new blocks:

  1. Ask them to break the lesson table and type the additional content in on the page, with a note about what type of  block the content belongs in.
  2. Then you can highlight their text, pop it into the block, delete the other stuff and bring the table back together.