Customize the List of Styles that Display in Word’s Styles Gallery with AuthorTec Quick Styles

Styles are reusable sets of formatting that you can apply to text in Word documents.

Clicking on the Styles button on Word’s Home tab ribbon brings up the list of all available styles, which display in Word’s Styles Gallery.

AuthorTec Quick Styles that allows you to easily customize the list of styles that display in the Styles Gallery in Word.

Use AuthorTec Quick Styles to:

  • Set Quick Styles for a particular document and only those styles will display. As a bonus, they will be saved and display each time you open the document.

  • Establish a set of styles to display for all new documents you create.

  • Add your own custom styles to your Quick Styles list.


 Free! Use AuthorTec Quick Styles for Free

Currently, you can download and use this tool for free. We encourage you to add this tool right now. It’s a time saver, and sometimes even a life saver.

For those times when you have to go back into a document you haven’t worked in for a while, if you’ve set Quick Styles for that document, then all you need to do is point and click to apply the correct styles as you edit or add new content. No more struggling to remember “how did I do that?”


How to Access & Use

Open Word and you will see the new AuthorTec Quick Styles button on the Home tab ribbon.

  1. Click the Quick Styles button and use the AuthorTec Quick Styles dialog box to Set your Quick Styles.

    1. Select from existing styles and also set custom styles.

    2. You can limit your changes to the document on your screen or allow your Quick Styles to be available to all Word documents. 

  2. After setting your Quick Styles, they will be available to Apply

  3. Learn how to use AuthorTec Quick Styles with our Tutorial and by using the instructions that are built into the software.

  4. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional help.


Do you need to build your Knowledge of Styles?

Learn more about working with styles by reading the articles about Styles in our blog at

These articles are written for you by Microsoft Office MVPs, including our own Microsoft MVP, who is also our Chief Product Architect and the developer of all of our AuthorTec Tools for Office.     


AuthorTec Quick Styles is a Microsoft Office add-in.

It runs with:

  • PC Office 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010

  • Mac Office 2019 and 2016

  • Office 365 with a PC or Mac desktop version of Office.

Please review our System Requirements for additional technical information.