How to Create or Customize Table Styles

In addition to the guidance provided below, Help is built into the software. And, you can download the User Guide.

Part 1 – Open your Word document & AuthorTec

  1. Open the Word document that needs a table
  2. Place your cursor by a free paragraph mark at the table insertion spot
  3. Click the Insert tab along the top of your screen
  4. Click on Custom Tables in the AuthorTec group
  5. Select Apply Custom Table Style

Part 2 – Use the Apply Custom Table Dialog Box

  1. You will now see the AuthorTec Apply Custom Table Style dialog box
  2. Select the custom table style you want to use
  3. Set the number of Rows and Columns
  4. Click Apply

Part 3 – Add Rows and Columns

After adding your AuthorTec Custom Table, suppose you need to add rows or columns?

  1. Right-click in any table row
  2. You will see a menu with options
  3. Select the last option

Part 4 - Set Additional Rows / Columns

  1. You will then see the AuthorTec Apply Custom Table Style dialog box
  2. Set the number of Rows and or Columns to add
  3. Click Apply

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