AuthorTec Resize Pictures

This tool is located on Word's Insert tab ribbon.


To Use

Click the AuthorTec Resize Pictures button

This will open the Resize and Border Picture Images dialog 




AuthorTec Resize Pictures performs 2 functions for you:

  1. Adjusts the sizes of picture images that are either embedded or linked into the active document.
  2. Adds or removes borders from those images.

AuthorTec Resize Pictures

  • Works with inline pictures and pictures that have wrapping text.
  • Images can be from PowerPoint or regular picture images.

Minimize Clicking

  1. The Resize and Border dialog can be dragged to anywhere on your screen.
  2. With the dialog displayed, move through your document to select the different ranges that contain pictures you want resized or bordered.

This is very handy when working in a large document and the images you need adjusted are distributed across different parts of the document.


If you are being "selective" about specific images to adjust you can do that by:

  1. Marking a "Selective Range," which involves selecting whole paragraphs, rows, or tables that contain the images
  2. Or you can Mark only specific images to resize.

How To Use


1) Select either All or Selective

2) If you've chosen Selective, then click Mark Selective

  • When you click Mark Selective two other controls become enabled:
    • Set Mark

    • Remove Mark
  • To use them:

    • Select the image you want to resize, or a range that contains images
    • Then click Set Mark

    • Repeat as needed

    • If you accidentally Mark an image or range, click Remove Mark

FYI: As you click back and forth between the Resizing Dialog and your document, you will notice that it takes two clicks in the document in order to perform the selection. This is normal for how Word works with this type of floating dialog... we wish it was different. You can use the key combination of ALT+TAB if double clicking bothers you.

3) Size... Image size is adjusted in two ways.

  • One way is based on a percentage of each image's current size in the document.
    • The software considers the current size as the full size, regardless of the picture's actual original size. This makes it easier to think about how much you want to adjust the size. If you want a series of images to be 10% smaller than they currently are, then set the resize percentage to a value of 90. If you want the images to be twice the size they currently are, then set the resize percentage to 200.

  • The second way the software can adjust image sizes is by providing an absolute value for the new height or width of the images.

    • The value can be in either Pixels or a unit of measure in Inches or Centimeters, which is determined by how you have Word setup for measurements. The software maintains the proper aspect ratio on the image, thus, only the one dimension (height or width) is needed and the image’s other dimension is adjusted proportionately. 

If the image being resized resides in a table cell...

  • and the table is setup not to adjust its cell widths based on content within the cell
  • then the software will only enlarge the picture, including the width taken up by any border on the image, to the width of the table cell.

The resize percentage box

  • Only enter whole numbers into the resize percentage box.
  • Do not enter decimal points, negative signs, or any alphabetic character such as a percent sign.

    • A number of 0 or numbers of 00 or 000 are also not valid numbers.

    • If you use a number that is less than 10, your pictures are going to get mighty small and you probably are not going to be very happy with the result.

Absolute Height or Width

  • There are restrictions if you specify an absolute height or width value.
  • All entries must be numeric

  • Negative numbers are not allowed

  • Decimals are allowed

    • thus values of 0.33 or 1.5 are valid settings.

4) Borders

  • If you are adding a border to images:
    • Use the preset border options that the software provides

    • Or customize it with the exact Red, Green, Blue values for the border colors you require

  • Border width:

    • Select from the available line styles and point sizes that are shown in our pull-down menus.

  • If you only want to add or remove borders on all or selective images AND otherwise keep all image sizes exactly as they currently are in the document:

    • Use the resize by percentage option

    • Leave the resize percentage at 100

    • Make your adjustments to the Border options provided in the dialog.


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