AuthorTec Redactor

This tool is located along the top of your screen in Word.

AuthorTec Redactor Ribbon Tab in Word

How to use AuthorTec Redactor

AuthorTec Redactor is an add-in to Microsoft Word that removes confidential information from Word documents while retaining the original formatting of the document. When installed, the software's custom tab appears on Word's ribbon. Remember to always work from a backup copy and not the original document when redacting a document.



AuthorTec Redactor Ribbon in Microsoft Word

FILES TO REDACT – included on the tab for convenience, you can open files directly from here. Opening multiple files, all at once, allowed. 

CONTROL PANEL – opens a floating work panel where redaction colors are set and reusable search criteria is loaded and saved. 

FIND CONFIDENTIAL NUMBERS - use this to locate confidential numbers that should not be shared. The number patterns the software searches for include Tax ID (Social Security, and Federal Tax ID's), Passport Numbers, Passport Card Numbers, Visa Numbers, Telephone Numbers, Credit Card Numbers.  The pattern searches include formats for the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, most European Union countries, India, and China. A method also exists to add Custom patterns. For additional information, see the help function on the Find Confidential Numbers dialog.

REDACT SELECTION – after selecting content in the document to redact, use this button to apply a "draft" redaction highlight. The only restriction on this function is the simultaneous redaction of table and non-table content. Select table content separately from text and data content not contained in a table.

REMOVE REDACTION – after selecting "draft" redaction highlighted text, individually or whole paragraphs/pages that hold draft redactions, use this button to remove the draft highlighting.

LOCK ALL REDACTED TEXT – this control makes permanent all "draft" highlighted text in the entire document. The redaction is permanent and once the document saves, removal of the redactions is not possible. 

SAVE TO PDF - after locking redactions, use this feature to create a PDF formatted file of the redacted document. Before producing the PDF file, the function scans the entire document for redacted text and warns if obscured text is found but not fully secured with the LOCK ALL REDACTED TEXT function. 

SAVED LIST LOCATION - use this control to change the default storage location for saved redaction search lists. The default location is: 

C:\Users\<your user id>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Great Circle Learning\AuthorTec Redactor\2.0\MASTER\Writers Collection

ACTIVATE / DEACTIVATE – a menu button for activating and deactivating the software on the installed computer. 

HELP – information on how to use this software. 



AuthorTec Redactor's control panel is always open while performing any redactions on a document file.

  • It opens automatically, when clicking the Redact Selection, Remove Redaction, or Lock All Redacted Text buttons.

  • It also opens independently by clicking the Control Panel button. 

The primary purpose of the control panel is to set up the highlight color to use for any upcoming redactions.

  • The default is black, but there are 5 other colors to optionally choose from as well. 

The Control Panel also can automatically redact from a document, stored redaction search lists of confidential words and phrases.

  • This feature saves time and increases personal productivity when multiple documents need redaction.

  • The criteria for stored search lists are text data only and up to 255 characters in length. The files are plain text, TXT format, with one word or phrase pure line. 

Create custom search lists

Create custom search lists:

  • using any Windows compatible text editor.

  • or using the "Word and Phrase List Maintenance" controls on the Control Panel.

  • Or, create them when redacting an existing document.

When using the Redact Selection button from the ribbon, each redaction, that fits the criteria of text only and less than 256 characters in length, adds to the search list.

To store a new or updated search list:

  • click the Save button on the Control Panel.

To delete old search lists that are no longer needed:

  • use the Remove button on the Control Panel.

To search a document and apply the first draft redaction based on a pre-loaded list of words and phrase:

Do the following on the Control Panel:

  1. Click the Load button to import onto the Control Panel the stored list of words and phrases.

  2. Indicate the item matching criteria for the pre-loaded list of items by ticking or clearing the chec kboxes of Match Case and/or Match Whole Words.

  3. Select the color to use for the redaction highlighting.

  4. To redact matching words or phrases, make sure to select the "Mark" radio button.

  5. Click the OK button.

To remove all first draft redactions from the entire document:

Do the following:

  1. On the Control Panel, select the highlight color of the first draft redactions to remove.

  2. Select the Clear button.

  3. Click the OK button.



  1. From the ribbon, click Lock All Redacted Text.

  2. Save the document.


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