AuthorTec Find'n Highlight

This tool is located on the Home tab ribbon in Word.


AuthorTec Find'n Highlight searches your document for a list of potential words or phrases and highlights any that are found.

AuthorTec Find'n Highlight also provides an easy method of locating these highlighted words and phrases.

AuthorTec Find'n Highlight comes with 9 default search lists that you can use to search for common English: 

  1. Adjectives
  2. Adverbs
  3. Compound words
  4. Interjections
  5. Negative words
  6. Positive words
  7. Prepositions
  8. Pronouns
  9. Verbs

Search - How to use the dialog box


Search List Options:

  • Load an existing list into the "Search for these ..." list box and then use as is or modify the list.   
  • Start with a clean blank list box and add the search items you need, using the Add, Remove, or Replace controls in the Word and Phrase List Maintenance group.

Existing Search List - How to load and use 

  1. Click Load a Saved List and you will be given the option to select an existing list
  2. Click OK to select your list and you will see the list in the Search for Words and Phrases box

  3. Set a Highlight Color
  4. Optionally, set Match Case or Match Whole Words

  5. Click OK
  6. Watch the search progress in the lower portion of the dialog box

When the Search is complete you will see

  • The number of search words or phrases found, in the lower portion of the dialog box
action done.png
  • The words or phrases highlighted in your chosen color, in your document
highlighted words.png

To move through your highlighted words or phrases

  • Use the Find Highlighted Text arrows in the dialog box

To remove the highlighting

  • Click Remove in the Search and Highlight Color Settings group
  • Click OK in the lower right corner of the dialog box

Custom Search List - How to build

  1. Click Add in the Word and Phrase Maintenance group
  2. Type a search word or phrase into the text box

  3. Click Enter

  4. Your new searchable word or phrase is added to the Search list

To Remove or Replace items in your search list

remove or replace.png
  1. Click the word or phrase in the Search list
  2. It will appear in the Maintenance text box

    • If replacing, type in the replacement
  3. Click either Remove or Replace in the Maintenance group 

  4. Click Enter to perform the action
  5. When done editing the list, click Save This Search Set - you will be given the option to update the existing list or or to create a new list with a new name

Multiple Searches on a Single Document

Searches can be performed multiple times against the same document and different highlight colors can be used for each search.

  • For example, you can run a search for all adjectives and choose the yellow highlighting color for that search. You can then change the search criteria to all verbs and choose the pink highlight for that search set.


When running multiple searches on the same document using different highlight coloring for each... if the same word or phrase is used in both search sets, then the highlight coloring of the found words will be the last color used.

To Remove Multiple Highlight Colors

If you have made multiple searches with different coloring for found words, the remove highlighting function will have to be run multiple times using the various colors.

  1. Select a highlight color to remove and click Remove
  2. Repeat as needed

You do not have to reload the search set list.

The "Remove" highlighting function only looks for highlight colors that match what is selected, it does not look at the word list.

Viewing Highlighted Text In Large Documents

The two large blue Arrow buttons in the Search and Highlight Color Settings group are helpful in large documents after AuthorTec Find'n Highlight has found and marked the searchable text.

  • These buttons perform forward (right arrow) and backward (left arrow) searches in the open document for any highlighted text, regardless of color.
  • When you use these buttons, they advance your document to the next highlighted text.

If the highlighted text ends up behind the dialog, you can drag the dialog out of the way.


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