AuthorTec Find/Edit Accessibility

This tool is located on the Review tab ribbon in Word.


AuthorTec Find/Edit Accessibility allows you to:

  1. Generate Alt Text for screen readers
  2. Review and edit Alt Text

About Alt Text

Alt Text is necessary for screen readers to be able to convey what is on the page to the visually impaired. A screen reader is software for the blind or visually impaired that allows them to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with a speech synthesizer or braille display.

In a Word document, Alt Text is required for pictures, graphics, charts, and other non-text items that are in the document. 

Alternative Text consists of two parts:

  1. A title for the object
  2. A fuller description that can be optionally read to the disabled individual

How to Check Accessibility

In Office 2016:

  1. Open your document in Word
  2. Click the Review tab along the top of your screen

  3. Click the Check Accessibility button

In earlier versions of Word:

  1. Open the document
  2. Click File

  3. Select the option to Check Accessibility

How to use AuthorTec Accessibility

  1. Open your document in Word.
  2. Click the Review tab along the top of your screen.

  3. Click the AuthorTec Find/Edit Accessibility button.

This will open the Prepare Document for Accessibility dialog box



The controls on this dialog allow you to setup a scan of your entire document or just a portion of it and look for inserted objects that require Alternative Text.

You can search for all objects or just a subset of them and we provide that flexible approach, so you can break up your work process a bit.

We also provide a “Generate text” option which tells AuthorTec to automatically generate Alternate Text from the data it has about the object. You can also specify if AuthorTec is to only add new Alt Text descriptions to objects that are not already fully described.

Allowing AuthorTec to automatically generate alternative text is a good starting point and we do not want to claim, or you to believe, that using the auto generated text is all you should do to make your document accessible. We believe very strongly in accessibility and we fully understand the effort it takes to “do it right” and that is why we invested our time and effort in building this special tool for you. 

Our very strong recommendation is after auto generating the Alternate Text for all objects, that you then use the dialog’s “Review and Edit” control and the green arrow buttons that move you forward and back among the objects and spend time improving what the screen reader will “say” about your inserted objects. Making your document accessible is simply the “right thing to do” and we hope you will invest the necessary time and effort.

Step by Step


1) Begin by defining your search area.

  • By default AuthorTec assumes you want to scan the entire document
  • To search only a portion of the document, select the area and then check the option to Search Only Selected Range

2) Select the Object types to Check

  • In the small white box that says Select, click the drop down arrow
  • Your choices are All or Individual Objects

  • If you select All, you will see the large white box populated with a list of all the possible objects
  • If you select Individual Objects, you will be able to check the boxes of the objects you want checked

3) Action

  • Select the Action To Perform
  • If you request Perform Generate Text then you can also specify how you want AuthorTec to handle any Existing Text - meaning any existing Alt Text that might already be in place

    • AuthorTec will automatically generate Alternate Text from the data it has about the objects in your document - drawing from things like the file name and file type of the object

    • After AuthorTec has generated Alternate Text, we strongly recommend that you run the Review and Edit function to tighten up your titles and description and make them as useful as possible to individuals who cannot otherwise see your images

  • Alternatively, you can opt to start with Review and Edit

4) Get started - EITHER

  • Click the Perform Generate Text button
  • OR - Click the Begin Review button 

5) Begin Review

  • After selecting Review and Edit click Begin Review
  • AuthorTec will move to the first object in the document and will display in the dialog box the Alt Title and Alt Description currently associated with the object

6) Edit the Title and Description

  • Type in your edits
  •  Click Apply Edits 

  • Click the green arrows to move forward or backward through the Alt Text entries in the document


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