AuthorTec Tables
Download Instructions


You will see two download links. Choose. AuthorTec runs on a PC with Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 or on a Mac with Office 2016..


SAVE the download and run the install with Word closed.




To access, open Word and click the Insert tab. Then click the little down arrow next to Custom Tables and select your action.


After installing

When you open Word you will see a new button on the Home tab near the Styles chunk, the new Quick Styles Customizer.

When you are going to start working in a new Word document where styles are important use the new Quick Styles Customizer to set the styles for the document.

  1. Click the Quick Styles Customizer button to launch the program that will set the Quick Styles chunk with the styles you need.
  2. Save the document to make your custom Quick Styles stick. 
  3. Every time you open that document your custom Quick Styles will be set and ready to use.
  4. To apply a Quick Style, place your cursor in a line of text and click the Quick Style you need.