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The new AuthorTec Editing Suite makes quick work of common editing tasks. The suite includes:

AuthorTec Find’n Highlight
AuthorTec Extract Objects
AuthorTec Accessibility
AuthorTec Statistics.

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Here is more information about each tool in this suite.

AuthorTec Find’n Highlight

Find’n Highlight searches your document for a list of potential words or phrases and highlights any that are found. Searches can be performed multiple times against the same document and different highlight coloring can be used for each search. Find’n Highlight provides an easy method of locating the searched for words and phrases, allowing you to alter them if you wish. You can create and save your own custom list of words or phrases to search for, and this tool includes nine default search lists:

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs

  • Compound words

  • Interjections

  • Negative words

  • Positive words

  • Prepositions

  • Pronouns

  • Verbs

AuthorTec Extract Objects

Extract Objects copies various content from an active Word document and inserts them into either a new or existing document. Charts, Equations, Images, Shapes, Grouped Shapes, SmartArt, Tables, Text Boxes and even Custom Selections of Content can be easily transferred from one document to another.

AuthorTec Accessibility

Accessibility will scan an entire document or just a portion of it and look for inserted objects that require Alternative Text. You can search for all objects or just a subset of them.

  • This tool includes a “Generate text” option that automatically generates Alternate Text from the data it has about the object. You can also specify if AuthorTec is to only add new Alt Text descriptions to objects that are not already fully described.

  • To help you improve on auto-generated Alt Tex, this tool also proves a “Review and Edit” function that allows you to move forward and back among the objects and spend time improving what the screen reader will “say” about your inserted objects.

AuthorTec Statistics

The following statistics are gathered about your active Word document:

  • Bookmarks – only visible bookmarks are counted. Hidden bookmarks, such as ones used in the Table of Contents are not counted.

  • Charts – all charts found in the document.

  • Characters No Spaces – as the label implies.

  • Characters With Spaces – as the label implies.

  • Comments – all found in the document.

  • Equations – total found in the document

  • Foot/End Notes – a combined count of all Foot Notes and End Notes in the document.

  • Lines – total number of text lines in the document and it includes blank lines. It does vary based on line wrapping caused by margin settings of the document.

  • Pages – total number of individual pages in the document. This includes blank pages.

  • Paragraphs – total number of paragraphs in the document and does not include empty paragraphs.

  • Pictures Embedded – pictures saved in the document.

  • Pictures Linked – pictures displaying in the document but are not saved in the document.

  • Sections – total number of sections in the document.

  • Shapes – total number of AutoShapes in the document. This does not include, charts, pictures or textboxes that are counted separately.

  • Shapes (grouped) – if individual shapes and other objects are grouped together to form one object that can easily be move, copied, pasted, etc.… those are included in this number.

  • SmartArt – total found in the document.

  • Styles – total count of document Styles (In Use). This does not include styles available to use in the template attached to the document.

  • Tables – includes only tables that are Microsoft Word tables. It does not include tables linked to Excel.

  • Textboxes – includes only textboxes that have a format of wrapping text surrounding them. Textboxes that have been reformatted to be “In Line” with text are not included in this count.

  • Unresolved Changes – all tracked changes that have not been accepted are included in this count.

  • Video – total found embedded or linked in the document, not hyperlinked, are included in this number.

  • Words – the total number of words, as defined by Microsoft Word, are included in this count.

  • Styles Used in the Document – a listing of the names of all “Styles in Use” in the document.


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