We make you look good.


Great Circle Learning is committed to providing world-class software and services that increase productivity and ensure consistency. Our goal is to free users to focus on cognitive work while our comprehensive software performs the mechanical tasks.


We weren't always a software company. Great Circle Learning was founded in 1992 as a training and education company doing custom design and development work for the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. We originally built our LeaderGuide Pro software for our own use; to improve our margins, eliminate late nights, and delight our customers. Over the years we've maintained a continuous dialog with education and training industry professionals like you, and we incorporate your ideas as we evolve our software… because these days we build it for you. 


Richard V. Michaels  |  Chief Product Architect

Rich builds all of the software offered by Great Circle Learning. He is a software developer turned instructional designer, with a degree in adult education and subject matter expertise in applying critical thinking to address business challenges.  

Microsoft has recognized Rich as an MVP for Microsoft Office each year since 2013 and including 2019. This award is in recognition of Rich’s exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions in the Office Apps & Services technical communities during the past year. 

MVPs like Rich play a vital role in the adoption and advancement of the technology that so many of us rely on to get our work done. Our MVP also helps Great Circle Learning customers do great things with our products and services every single day. 

The MVP award distinguishes Rich as being part of a select group of experts who represent technology’s best and brightest and share a deep commitment to their communities. Just take a look at the software tools Rich has created to help each of us work faster and smarter, like our new AuthorTec Tools for Office and our magical Tools for Trainers and I’m sure you’ll join me in saying “Congratulations, Rich, and thank you!”



Nancy Michaels  |  President

Nancy is an expert in supporting Great Circle Learning's premier training design & development software and Office productivity tools. Nancy’s vision is a world where Learning & Development is valued and L&D professionals are equipped with the tools they need to work faster and smarter… so they can go home on time. 



Pat Michaels | Director of Business Development

A self-described “grinder,” Pat Michaels realized at a young age that he relishes the grunt work, fully aware that successes and failures are determined in the trenches. He has crafted a career in talent development and management. Pat holds a degree in secondary education from Clemson University and has learned from experience that executing the details is essential. He has successfully developed, implemented, and evaluated training and management programs in the hospitality and financial sectors for the last 20 years.

Pat realizes the importance of high-level, big picture ideas, and concepts. He also understands that the “grinders” are essential to complete the work needed to achieve such goals. Pat finds his satisfaction in training, managing, and coaching those who get the job done.

As Mark Twain once said, “thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”