We build software that increases your productivity
& makes it easier for you to get your work done.


We are committed to providing world-class software and services that increase your productivity and ensure professionalism. No other company does what we do. There is no other software that does what our software does


But we weren't always a software company. Great Circle Learning was founded in 1992 as a training and education company doing custom design and development work for the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. We originally built our LeaderGuide Pro software for our own use; to improve our margins, eliminate late nights, and delight our customers. Over the years we've maintained a continuous dialog with education and training industry professionals like you, and we incorporate your ideas as we evolve our software because these days we build it for you. 


Richard V. Michaels  |  Chief Product Architect

Richard builds all of our software. He is also an instructional designer with a degree in adult education and subject matter expertise in applying critical thinking to address business challenges.  

Microsoft has recognized Rich as an MVP for Microsoft Office in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Rich earned this award by volunteering his technical expertise and sharing his experience to help others realize their potential within the Microsoft Microsoft Office for the Mac technical communities that are accessed by millions of people worldwide.



Nancy Michaels  |  Business Development Manager

Nancy is an expert in designing and developing facilitator guides to support virtual and traditional classrooms with the use of Great Circle Learning's premier training document development software, LeaderGuide Pro™ and the use of our new groundbreaking industry-specific software, Scripter and george! Nancy’s vision is a more professional world, where every facilitator guide works like sheet music to ensure consistent, instructionally sound delivery of training programs no matter who is facilitating. And a world where developers do their work faster and smarter, so they can go home on time. 

For Great Circle Learning Nancy handles sales and services. Her passion is helping others work faster, work smarter and change for the better with george!Zapps and LeaderGuide Pro.