Add-ins to Microsoft Office®

Great Circle Learning software products are digitally secured managed COM add-ins to Microsoft Office, developed by our very own Microsoft MVP.

Our software runs with Professional - Desktop - Windows (PC) versions of Microsoft Office, including:


Office 2016
Office 2013
Office 2010
Office 2007


Office 365 

Our software runs with Office 365 as long as one of the desktop versions of Office is installed on your computer. We do not run with cloud-only versions of Office 365.



Our software adds in to Word, PowerPoint and Excel as long as these programs are genuine Microsoft programs registered and activated with Microsoft.

To install our software

You must have full System Admin privilege and your computer must meet our system requirements.

Mac Users


Compatibility with Office for the Mac is limited
& varies by product.


These products run with Office 2016 for the Mac:

  • Zapps Pro Got-Ur-Back

These products run with Office 2011 for the Mac:

  • Zapps Pro Got-Ur-Back
  • Zapps Pro Doc-Tools

We would like to run natively in Office for the Mac, but at this time we are prevented from doing so by limitations imposed by Microsoft and Apple.