Productivity Add-ins to Microsoft Office®

Great Circle Learning software products are digitally secured templates and managed COM add-ins to Microsoft Office.

All Great Circle Learning software is developed by our very own Microsoft MVP.

Our software runs with Windows (PC) Office 365 and any of the following desktop versions of Microsoft Office.


Office 2019
Office 2016
Office 2013
Office 2010



Our software adds into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint locally on reach user’s computer.

To install

You must have full System Admin privilege and your computer must meet our system requirements.


These Great Circle Learning software tools also
run with Mac Office 2019 & 2016

  • Got-Ur-Back

  • AuthorTec Accessibility

  • AuthorTec AutoCorrect

  • AuthorTec Extract Objects

  • AuthorTec File Doctor

  • AuthorTec Find & Highlight

  • AuthorTec Insert Docs & Pics

  • AuthorTec Link

  • AuthorTec Manage Styles

  • AuthorTec Quick Styles

  • AuthorTec Resize Images

  • AuthorTec Save Pictures

  • AuthorTec Statistics

  • AuthorTec Tables

  • AuthorTec Update Styles